Thursday, September 13, 2007

The $38,000 baby

Or, rather, the $37992.97 baby. That's the total that was billed to my health insurance from the beginning of my pregnancy through the hospital stay to deliver Ethan. I haven't had my 6-week post-baby visit yet, so that total will go up by a few hundred dollars, I assume. My medical insurance covered all of that total (we did pay for one prenatal test). I'm being very very grateful for good insurance right now. I cant imagine having had to deal with a high-risk pregnancy and complicated delivery and also having to worry about the cost. Medical care is outrageously expensive. I think I'm going to return to never getting sick and rarely visiting the doctor.
Ethan and I had another successful outing this morning. We took the Seattle Center monorail downtown, visited the drugstore (where I finally found a 3 Musketeers Mint bar- SO yummy!), and then went to my office to see my coworkers. It was fun, and a little weird to be back at my desk. I actually ended up having to use my desk to change Ethan's diaper during our visit, which is definitely not something I ever pictured having to do at my desk! My coworkers oohed and ahhed sufficiently, and Ethan was really good through the whole visit. We were also able to go to the library and Hallmark, which was nice. I feel so much better when I'm able to actually do stuff during the day and cross some things off my to-do list.
Tonight I'm going out to dinner with my coworkers, and Daniel will be on his own with Ethan for the first time. Hopefully they'll have a nice evening and Ethan wont be too cranky. Evenings are always interesting. Nice baby tends to morph into cranky baby.
I realized yesterday that my blog entries have gotten fairly dull. I thought about it, then realize that my life, honestly, is not really that blog-worthy right now, since it's 90% nursing and diaper changes. But, we're going to Portland this weekend, and are riding the train home to Seattle on Tuesday, so I might have good entries after that. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Karen said...

Yikes. Healthcare costs are atrocious. We always laughed at the itemized portion of our hospital bill, what they charged for one giant Ibuprofen pill and stuff like that. So ridiculous.

Glad you're getting out and about with the babe. It sure does the spirit good! That picture of him in the car is adorable.