Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday nights

Sunday nights are kind of hard now. On the weekend, my life goes back to being 75% like what it was before Ethan's birth. I hang out with my husband, we run errands, go to Target, see friends, clean, etc. All the same things we did before the baby came, just with more breaks to nurse the baby and with many more poopy diapers than in our pre-baby life.

But, on Sunday nights, I always have the realization that on Monday morning, my life returns to the "new" life. A life that revolves around loading and emptying the dishwasher and cooking dinner, and doing laundry and maybe-just maybe, fixing my hair, putting on makeup and going to the grocery store. And, truthfully, I still dont know this Monday-Friday woman, and I'm not entirely comfortable with her. Hopefully I'll get to know her soon and will be excited to return to this life on Monday mornings. But I'm not there just yet.


Today in Seattle we really are having the type of weather that most non-Seattleites picture when thinking about Seattle weather. Dragging ourselves out of bed for church this morning was quite the undertaking. Thankfully, the weather seems to be affecting Ethan in the same way that it is Daniel and I, so we're all equally lethargic. I so need a sunlamp or something.

Daniel is currently watching MASH, the movie. It's not very good. I'm hoping it ends very soon.

We ventured out to the Experience Music Project/Sci Fi Museum yesterday on Smithsonian Free Museum Day. We chose that museum because 1) it's 3 blocks from our condo and 2) it's such a weird building (see here), that we felt we should go inside and see the museums at some point in time. Really, neither museum was that exciting to us, but it was nice to have finally seen what all the hype was about. And it was free, which is always nice.

Today, after church, we went to look at real estate. My husband is a little obsessed with real estate, so we're pretty much always looking. Right now our target location is Ballard, one of the more interesting parts of Seattle, and for the moment, one of the more affordable. We will eventually need more space than the 900 square feet we have now, and, since we don't have a spare million dollars to buy a larger condo downtown, we're going to have to branch out. But we're going to stick it out here as long as possible, since we really love the area.

Ooh! His movie is done, and it's time to go look at our new vacuum cleaner! Fun!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The best blog entry that I've ever read

My baby is sitting in his swing, slumped over like a drunk old man (I tried to straighten him up, but he prefers the slumping), smacking on his pacifier. I, therefore, had time to catch up on my blog reading.

This post brought tears to my eyes. And I'm going to make my husband read it, although he already is doing a fantastic job.

We're off for a walk around Green Lake, then to the EMP/Sci Fi museum. Hurray! Outings!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A happy boy

I'm holding a very happy little boy right now. Why is he happy, you ask? Because I have been holding him, non-stop, for the last 3 hours. Before that, he was in his stroller, which (when in motion) is apparently also acceptable.

I got to experience true longing this afternoon when we returned home from our walk. I had purchased a Subway sandwich while we were out, and put it on a plate (with my free hand), and carried it to the coffee table (with one hand), then sat on the couch. Where I soon realized that the sandwich was out of my reach. And Mr. Ethan had no intention of letting me put him down to get the plate. So there I sat, on the couch, holding the baby, staring at my sandwich and poking the cats with my toes every time they tried to climb up on the table and check out my lunch. This was particularly bad, as I was watching an episode of Season 1 Top Chef at the time, and was being taunted by fabulous looking food on the TV screen. I've got to stop watching that show- it makes me too hungry! Maybe I can sue the producers for their role in preventing me from losing this baby weight :)

I did finally get to eat, about 30 minutes later, when I put down the baby, grabbed the plate, and inhaled the sandwich before Ethan started screaming again. I'm fairly certain that I'm qualified to enter speed-eating competitions at this point. I haven't thoroughly chewed my food in almost 7 weeks.

But he's so darned cute, I don't mind. I just wish his daddy would hurry up and come home. I have to go to the bathroom.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today's PEPS group meeting was great. There were 8 other moms there with their new babies, ranging from a month old up to 11 weeks. We had a great time swapping stories and oohing and ahhing over each others' babies. As usual, my nervousness over talking to strangers was unnecessary, as everyone in the group seemed to be really sweet and friendly. Ethan slept through most of the meeting- he likes to act quiet and well behaved in public, that way people think I'm crazy when I talk about him crying :)

I was holding Ethan early this morning after his feeding and was struck by how much he completely trusts me. He is so content - dozing quietly, and occasionally opening his eyes to check and make sure that it's still a familiar face attached to the arms holding him. It's very humbling and a little scary to have someone trust you that much. It's a big responsibility. God has blessed Daniel and I with such a beautiful little boy. It's still amazing to me that he's a real little person- one with his own personality and one who will have a life and hopes and dreams completely of his own. These little new lives are so incredible.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I feel like roadkill

My sweet baby is having a rough day. He refused to eat much last night before bed, then woke up 2 hours later. When he again refused to eat much. Repeat 2 hours later. After that, he stayed partially awake and whined for the rest of the night. I feel bad for him- he's obviously feeling not great, but I don't know what to do to make him feel better. Except sit on the couch and hold him.

I know it's still early days- that Ethan is only 6.5 weeks old, but I wish we could get in some sort of sleep routine that involved sleeping more than 2-3 hours at a stretch. I'm a little worn out. And a little discouraged, as I got an email from a friend yesterday, talking about how her baby is finally sleeping 8 hours at a time, and has been doing so since he was 6.5 weeks old. I know I shouldn't worry too much since a) every baby is different and b) Ethan is still only 9 pounds and needs to eat often. And I feel like I cant really complain, as Daniel and I deliberately chose not to use the Babywise method, which many of our friends have used successfully, including the friend who emailed me. I know it works well for a lot of people, but we just didn't feel like it was the right method for us. But I'm tired, so I'm second guessing myself now.

In other news, my PEPS group [Program for Early Parental Support- a moms/parents group that meets in Seattle. We meet in groups of 8-12 parents and babies, organized by neighborhood and age of baby, with meetings for 12 weeks] starts tomorrow. I'm completely nervous about this. I'm a really outgoing person, once I've gotten to know people. At first, I'm quiet and just listen a lot, but then once I get comfortable, I never shut up again. But tomorrow I have to go socialize with a group of strangers. STRANGERS. It's scary enough to meet people under the best of circumstances, but meeting people when I'm this tired and when I haven't really socialized with adults in close to two months and may have completely forgotten how to carry on an intelligent conversation... cue the horror movie music. I've heard great things about PEPS groups though, and all the other moms are pretty much in the same exhaustion/lack of any life outside of changing dirty diapers boat, so I actually have high hopes for it to be a good meeting.

Guess what! My baby has a poopy diaper! Shocking, I know. Gotta go. :)

...because playing sports with Mommy would probably mess me up for life.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday morning musings

Pretty good weekend- the in-laws came to visit on Saturday for a few hours. I found out that, according to Chinese tradition, you should never tell a baby/child that he/she is cute or beautiful or anything like that. Instead, Chinese parents tell their children that they are ugly. I cant remember what the reasoning behind that was, but, thankfully, my in-laws don't agree with that custom. Of course, Ethan is so cute that it would be hard to ever say anything different to him!

Yesterday I had a lovely few hours of shopping in downtown Seattle by myself, while Daniel stayed home with the munchkin. I was able to find a pair of pants that fit, which is good, since I only had two pairs at home. And we're heading to Idaho next weekend for a reunion with a bunch of my old friends, so I need clothes!

Then, last night, Daniel went alone to a special church service. I would have liked to go and hear the speaker, but I decided to be realistic and not waste the time and energy dragging myself and Ethan out in public again. I'm glad I didn't, as he was really fussy last night, and we wouldn't have heard any of the service anyway.

Yesterday's events brought the reality of things home to Daniel and I a bit more though. We've been really blessed for the past couple of years to be able to spend time together with little effort. We would ride the bus together in the mornings to work, sometimes meet up for lunch, meet at the gym after work and exercise together, ride the bus home, then spend the evening together. Now I'm home all day while he works, and when he gets home in the evening, one of us is generally doing something on the computer, while the other person plays with Ethan. Our weekends, which always used to be spent together, are now a little more separate as well. So, we're beginning to realize that we're going to actually have to put some effort into reconnecting and making our marriage a priority. Which we knew, but didn't entirely comprehend.

Well, I smell a poopy diaper, so I better close.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy birthday, Daniel!

Today is my beloved's 40th birthday. He still looks about 25, so it's hard to accept that he's really reached the big 4-0. It's going to be a quiet birthday, given my lack of energy for planning anything. Just dinner at home with the cranky baby (steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus) and a cake that I made yesterday. Black Forest. Hopefully it'll turn out to be okay- I haven't made one before and don't really like black forest cake, so didn't even have much idea of what I was doing.

In other news, I had my 6-week postpartum appointment today. All went well. Afterwards, I came home, found some interesting exercise shows on On Demand cable and did those. It felt good to get moving again. Even the abdominal exercises went well, so I think I'm pretty much completely recovered from the c-section.

Our younger cat is bugging me while I write this. She's a bit of a pest today. I need to figure out a way to get her and Ethan to entertain each other, so that I can get chores done around the house.

I promised to blog about my trip to my grandmother's house. It was a good trip. Weird in a couple of ways. My grandmother is 81, but is a fairly young 81. Still gets around pretty well, no major health problems, and looks about 10 years younger. I never think of her as old, because she was always the young, healthy grandmother. My dad's mom was always the "old" grandmother- hard of hearing, cancer survivor, lots of health problems. But my mom's mom has always seemed fairly ageless to me. This weekend when I was at her house though, I looked at the side of the fridge, and saw a DNR order taped up. And she's starting to have more minor health problems, ones that could become serious in the future. She's getting old, whether I am willing to accept it or not. I also realized that Ethan probably wont get to have my grandmother around for too much of his life. That's a little hard for me to accept.

Seriously, this cat is driving me nuts. She hasn't stopped walking on me/the computer since I sat down. And every time I get up, she attacks my feet and follows me very closely. You should have seen her when I was doing the workouts. She was going crazy trying to watch and attack my feet as I jumped around the living room. For that matter, you should have seen me trying to jump around the living room. Not a pretty sight. Hopefully I can keep up with the exercising, both at home and the gym. Having only two pairs of pants to wear is getting old.

Well, Daniel's on his way home, so I need to go get dinner ready. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I cant believe it

Ethan and I just got back from Portland this evening, and then had a pretty rough evening, probably due to mental overload in the baby's brain, so I don't have much energy to blog about our weekend at Grandma's house. But I have things to say about that, so will blog later on that topic.

But, for now, I just had to blog about this. Daniel drove us down to Portland on Saturday- we made the 3 hour drive in about 5 hours, including a trip to Target. My 5 week old baby has now been to Target 4 times, at 3 different locations, in 2 states. I think that this might be a sign that Daniel and I have a problem. But not one I want fixed. Anyway, we all were in Portland Saturday night, then Daniel came home Sunday and enjoyed his peace and quiet and ability to work late without receiving whiny phone calls from a wife who really is too old to be whining.

So I was left "alone" in Portland with the baby. We were staying with my grandmother, and she lives with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, so there were always lots of people around. But, when it was bedtime, I was on my own with the munchkin. We had one good night and one bad one, and by the time we were about halfway home on the train this afternoon, I was tired enough to have reached a point where I was sitting in my train seat, fantasizing about handing off the baby to Daniel and sleeping at least most of the way through the night.

Then I got home, and discovered that my beloved has caught a cold. Which relieves him of baby duty completely. Unbelievable. We never catch colds. In fact, neither of us gets sick very often. A cold is a once-every-two-years thing for me, and pretty much once-yearly event for Daniel. But he has one now. Which means- no baby duty for him tonight, and I am banished to sleep in Ethan's room, in the hopes that I can avoid said cold. This is hard for me. I'm a very selfish person. I have no problem admitting that. Most of the time I get away with being selfish because I'm also short and cute (at least I like to think so) and have a quirky personality, which makes me intriguing and entertaining, and makes people put up with WAY too much crap from me. But I don't get to be selfish tonight. I have a baby and a husband to take care of. And two cats who are a little disappointed to have seen the return of the "squeaky thing" this evening. I think they had great hopes that he was gone for good.

Off to bed on the murphy bed in the cranky baby's room. Wish me luck.

Friday, September 14, 2007

My baby is an evil genius

I've suspected this for a while now, and am secretly a little proud, since I have a touch of the evil genius in me. I got confirmation of the evil genius this morning. Ethan was a good sleeper last night, from about 9 PM to 2:15 AM. Then he decided to stay awake and fuss until 5 AM. He'd been fed, changed, burped, changed again, fed again, changed again, fed again, and nothing seemed to soothe him. He finally fell asleep at 5, and woke up again at 7. I was fairly tired still, so at around 8 AM, I tried to put him in the pack and play so that I could nap on the couch for an hour or so. He was asleep when I put him down, I laid down on the couch, and immediately, he started crying. Again, I picked him up, comforted him, he fell back asleep, I laid down on the couch and again, immediate crying. This continued until around 8:45, when I decided to take advantage of Daniel still being home, and got dressed. I came out of the bedroom, Ethan took one look at me, and promptly fell asleep in his pack and play. With no effort. He just wanted to be sure that I was up for the day before he slept.

He also has the fun trick of screaming for a prolonged period of time, then when Daniel calls to check on us, immediately quieting down, so that Daniel thinks I'm crazy when I say the baby's been crying for a long time.

I'm being mentally outwitted by a 5 week old. This is sad.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The $38,000 baby

Or, rather, the $37992.97 baby. That's the total that was billed to my health insurance from the beginning of my pregnancy through the hospital stay to deliver Ethan. I haven't had my 6-week post-baby visit yet, so that total will go up by a few hundred dollars, I assume. My medical insurance covered all of that total (we did pay for one prenatal test). I'm being very very grateful for good insurance right now. I cant imagine having had to deal with a high-risk pregnancy and complicated delivery and also having to worry about the cost. Medical care is outrageously expensive. I think I'm going to return to never getting sick and rarely visiting the doctor.
Ethan and I had another successful outing this morning. We took the Seattle Center monorail downtown, visited the drugstore (where I finally found a 3 Musketeers Mint bar- SO yummy!), and then went to my office to see my coworkers. It was fun, and a little weird to be back at my desk. I actually ended up having to use my desk to change Ethan's diaper during our visit, which is definitely not something I ever pictured having to do at my desk! My coworkers oohed and ahhed sufficiently, and Ethan was really good through the whole visit. We were also able to go to the library and Hallmark, which was nice. I feel so much better when I'm able to actually do stuff during the day and cross some things off my to-do list.
Tonight I'm going out to dinner with my coworkers, and Daniel will be on his own with Ethan for the first time. Hopefully they'll have a nice evening and Ethan wont be too cranky. Evenings are always interesting. Nice baby tends to morph into cranky baby.
I realized yesterday that my blog entries have gotten fairly dull. I thought about it, then realize that my life, honestly, is not really that blog-worthy right now, since it's 90% nursing and diaper changes. But, we're going to Portland this weekend, and are riding the train home to Seattle on Tuesday, so I might have good entries after that. Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Successful expedition

Ethan sees himself in his car mirror.

Today Ethan and I went shopping- we managed to go to Home Depot and Lowes, the post office and Ross. Ethan was really well behaved, until we were in the car to head home, when he dropped his pacifier and had a total meltdown. I cant really blame him though- he'd been trying to nap all afternoon, and his mean mommy kept taking his carseat in and out of the car. He's sleeping soundly now though, which means I might have a chance to eat dinner like a normal person, instead of at my normal speed-eating champion pace. The kid has some sort of second sense to know exactly when I pick up a fork or lie down on the bed. It inevitably triggers crying and demands for food.

The Ross shopping trip reinforced a horrible realization. Nothing is in the right place on my body. The c-section seems to have left my normal belly fat shoved into a smaller area, my hips apparently expanded with the pregnancy, and lets not even get into the issues in my top half. I have two pairs of pants that fit, and that's it. And even though I'm at the same weight I was pre-Weight Watchers, the few clothes that I saved from my fat life don't fit, since the fat is not in the same place. I'm a little discouraged by this and by the refusal of the number on my scale to budge at all. But, given my current snacking habits while home alone during the day, I cant be too upset. I'm seeing a bunch of old friends in a little less than 4 weeks, and would like to have at least one cute outfit that fits me well. But that would involve me not self-medicating with cake and cookies, so I seriously doubt that's going to happen.

In response to comments on my Monday post- yes, Daniel changes poopy diapers. When he's home, they're his responsibility, at least most of the time. I try not to overwhelm him with baby chores when he is home, since he's so stressed at work these days and does need to rest. But he does take over probably 60% of the diaper changes and baby cuddling when he's home. He really doesn't mind. He even took a Daddy Boot Camp class before Ethan was born, so that he'd know how to do all these baby care tasks. And he's really good at them at this point! I had no idea that he was so unusual- I need to thank him tonight for being so sweet and helping me out so much!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Daniel's on the way home- should be arriving any minute! As usual, I have a number of reasons why this excites me. 1) I haven't spoken to anyone since 10:30 AM at the grocery store. 2) he's going to bring the mail in with him, and I'm expecting a baby present from a friend. And possibly a check from my short-term disability insurance. 3) I think Ethan has a dirty diaper.

Ethan had his one-month appointment today. Everything looks great. And he's up to almost 8 pounds! He's looking so big these days- it's amazing what a difference 2 pounds makes. I spend a lot of time looking at him and feeling bad for all of the women who push out 8+ pound children. I don't know how you do it. He's still a full pound below the birth weight of the baby of some friends of ours, and he seems so huge. Ouch.

Church was great yesterday. Ethan managed to make it through the worship time with no problems, then started to squirm. Dirty diaper and he was hungry. We'd brought along a bottle of pumped milk, so Daniel took him out in the hall to feed him and change his diaper. At one point I heard screaming from the hallway, but chose to pretend like I didn't know it was my son. I later felt guilty about this, when my pastor made a point in his sermon about how God cares for us. He said "it's like it is for you parents. You're not going to hear your child crying and do nothing about it." Um, unless it's Sunday, and it's your husband's day to deal with poop and screaming. Then you might ignore your child's crying.

The sermon was about prayer, and I'm really glad I was around to hear it. It's one of the things I struggle with most in my faith- spending the time with God that I need to spend. Right now I have no excuse- I sit on a couch for a great number of hours each day, and could be spending the time praying and reading, rather than watching TV. My life is definitely out of balance in that area.

Ethan's making scary diaper noises. I hope Daniel hurries up!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Amusing conversations that took place during my parents' visit

1. The scene- my living room. My dad and I are sitting at the dining room table, chatting.

Dad- You know, when Ethan gets bigger, we're going to let him do whatever he wants. He's not going to have to follow any of those rules that you kids had to follow when you were growing up.
Me- Um, okay. **Thinking- 1) Um, they were YOUR rules, not mine. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get away with breaking the rules. 2) My brother and I turned out pretty well because of the silly rules.

2. The scene- hallway of our condo building, waiting for the elevator. Dad is holding Ethan in his carseat, and decides to start swinging the carseat back and forth rather wildly.

Me- Could you please not swing the baby quite so much, he just ate and is looking a little ill.
Dad- You're no fun. (to the baby)- Your mom doesn't want us to have any fun.
Me- Yes, that's right. But I'm the mom now and I get to make the decisions. (Me, now standing quietly as a shocking realization dawns on me- I'M THE MOM and my parents now have to do whatever I say, at least in relation to Ethan. And- my dad always said that I could do what I want when it's my house and I pay the mortgage. And it IS my house! And they're visiting me! And they have to follow my rules. *Insert evil laughter here. Just in my head though. Too bad I'm too tired to take advantage of this situation.

3. The scene. My living room. My parents sitting on the couch.

Mom- I want to hold the baby. You've been holding the baby for hours. It's my turn.
Dad- I haven't had him for hours, just a few minutes. It's not your turn. It's still my turn.
Me- Dad, can you let Mom have a turn with the baby. You can have him back later.
Dad- That's not fair.
Me- Well, life's not fair. (After which I paused in horror, realizing that I have been a mom for just a few weeks and already am involuntarily spouting "mom-phrases")

It's Sunday- we're actually going to church today! Unless the baby has a melt-down in the next hour. I'm really looking forward to getting out and socializing a bit. It's been too long since we made it to church. I slept pretty well last night- we got a baby monitor yesterday and actually moved back into our own bedroom. Daniel apparently spent a lot of the night awake, listening to the monitor in case Ethan cried. I just slept. The monitor worked great- I woke up when the baby cried without any problem, and I think Ethan got back to sleep after his feedings quicker when he was alone in his room without us making noise. Hopefully he'll continue to not mind sleeping alone. It's great to be back in our comfy bed instead of sleeping on the murphy bed in Ethan's room. I'm too old to be away from the Tempurpedic mattress!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


It's Saturday! The weekend! I've discovered that I actually love weekends more now than when I was working. Do you know why?

This is why.

It's been three and a half years since we met, and I'm still crazy about him. And, lets be honest, I really love having someone else around to change poopy diapers.
Gotta go snuggle on the couch with my sweetie while the baby is actually sleeping.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, September 7, 2007

No need to hurry

I am one of those people who always moves quickly. I walk quickly, talk quickly, read at breakneck speeds, and generally travel through life as more of a small tornado than a person. I've always managed to accomplish more in a day than most people do in a week. So, I'm having a little trouble adjusting to the idea that 1) I have no need to rush through things because I have virtually nothing to do and 2) my job now is to slow down and do things at baby speed. Moving slowly is hard for me to do though. This morning Daniel and I read our devotion and said our morning prayers, then he headed to work. I was sitting on the couch with Cranky Baby, who had finally calmed down. After Daniel left, my first thought was "I wonder if Ethan is calm enough for me to put him in his pack-n-play, so that I can get up and do stuff." Then it occurred to me that I didn't really have anything pressing to do, and that the most important thing right then was to sit and cuddle Ethan and make him feel safe.

I lasted 5 minutes on the couch, sitting quietly with the baby. That's progress for me. I'm going to have to keep working on it. This sort of shift in mindset and behavior is not going to come easily for me.

In other news, my face (which was sleeping quietly on my pillow), managed to get in the way of a cat chase this morning, and one of the cats ran over my face with her claws. So I have a lovely scratch on my chin. Nice. Good thing I have no social life at the moment.

Ethan is summoning me- gotta run!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday morning

I'm still having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that 4 weeks ago, I was heading to the hospital, carrying a very large stomach with me. And now, here I sit in the living room, with a much smaller stomach, and a whole little person in the next room. Weird. I wonder how long it's going to take before I stop spending every Thursday and Friday (the days of the week I was in the hospital trying to deliver Ethan) thinking "okay, X weeks ago at this time I was doing..."

This morning I'm watching Design Star on my On Demand cable. I love On Demand. I think it was invented for stay-at-home moms. It's truly fabulous. Truly. And I'm waiting nervously for crying sounds to come from the other room. Which they will. Soon. There has been a lot of crying in this home since 4:30 AM. 95% of it has been Ethan's. I think that's a pretty good split. We've had a rough couple of nights- Ethan likes to wake up at 4:30, eat a little, fall asleep, refuse to eat any more, even after a diaper change and a burping session to wake him up, then scream bloody murder when I put him down, because he's still hungry. Repeat endlessly until 6 or 6:30, when we both fall into an exhausted sleep. He's a cute baby though, so I cant be too mad at him.

Anyway, it's about time for the first load of laundry of the day. We dirtied 3 sleepers and 2 sets of sheets between going to bed last night and getting up this morning. That takes skills. :) I should also try to find the cats. They hung around this morning for the first 15 minutes of baby freak out time, but then got disgusted by the screaming and crying and went to sleep somewhere. Poor furbabies. They've really handled all of this quite well. Here's a picture of Gracie snuggling with the baby during feeding time. Too cute.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So many diapers

I've changed Ethan's diaper 5 times in the 2.5 hours we've been up and about this morning. He's quite gifted at diaper dirtying. I'm so proud :) He's kind of a gassy baby, no matter what I eat. I've been avoiding dairy, spicy foods, broccoli, onions, peppers, etc. But Ethan still has lots of gas. Which leads to lots of explosive diapers. At least we know his system is working well!

Currently it's nap time here, but Ethan has decided that he doesn't want to sleep. Apparently crying is much more interesting. I think that he's going through Nana and Grandpa withdrawal. They just left this morning, after 9 days of holding the baby pretty much constantly. I know today is going to be a rough day for them- they live on the other side of the US, and wont see Ethan again until Thanksgiving.

We had a pretty good visit. Managed to do quite a bit- Ethan had his first trip to his daddy's office, to the library, rode on the Seattle Monorail, went to the Ballard Locks and saw boats and salmon, and met a whole bunch of assorted relatives. Daniel and I were able to go out to dinner alone twice, which was nice. Today is shockingly quiet in comparison- I'm just doing laundry and making a grocery list for a trip to QFC later this afternoon. I need to start getting in some sort of routine for my days, a routine other than watching too much TV and snacking too often. Although that's a really fun routine, so far :)

To Kate- who commented on my last post- thank you, thank you, thank you. I had a bunch of re-usable cloth nursing pads, and those weren't stopping the leaking. It didn't occur to me to try the disposable ones (I plead sleep deprivation). Got some Lansinoh pads and haven't leaked on my clothes since. It makes me actually willing to leave the house for more than an hour-thanks!

Here's a new picture of us with our cute boy!The odd shape in the background is the crib tent- to keep out the cats.