Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We had a doctor's appointment for Ethan this morning, and I'm pretty sure that the appointment was for Wednesday...

Things are going along fairly well here. Yesterday was kind of a rough day, but today is better. We got pretty good sleep on Sunday and Monday nights, and were in a bit of a routine with feedings every 2.5-3 hours or so. Ethan still wants to sleep all the time, so it was pretty quiet here between feedings. Then the public health nurse came to visit yesterday. Since we left the hospital 45 hours after his birth instead of 48, we qualified for a home visit. She weighed him and checked him out, and said that, due to his weight loss, he needed to be eating every 1.5 hours. She discouraged supplementing, since I needed to increase my milk supply.

So, the nurse left and we tried to feed every 1.5 hours, but I wasn't producing much, and Ethan was screaming and refusing to eat, and we were in a vicious cycle of crying and not eating. Finally we gave him formula at one feed time to get him calmed down, then went back to trying just breast milk. I had my first complete crying fit in the evening, because I was so frustrated by my inability to get him to eat, and my confusion about supplementing/not supplementing and trying to get him to gain the weight that he needs, and because I was in pain from the breastfeeding and the c-section and my fat legs/ankles. I eventually handed off the baby to Daniel and went and cried it out for a while, and felt much better. I hadn't cried since before we went in for the second induction attempt last week, so I think it was about time!

This morning the breastfeeding went a lot better and Ethan seemed satisfied with what I was producing, so we didn't need to supplement at all. Which is a huge relief. At this morning's appointment, he hadn't lost any more weight, but he's still down more than 10% since birth, so I get to keep up the feeding every 1.5 hours. Moo. Am a cow now instead of a hippo :) We'll go in to the doctor again on Monday to check his weight, and hopefully I'll be able to cut down on feedings a bit. That would be nice- I hate the fact that we have a baby that's such a good sleeper and we spend all our time trying to wake him up!

I've also learned the importance of staying on top of my pain meds and taking them as soon as it's time. Yesterday I let them get a little behind schedule, and I definitely paid the price for it. I don't need to be in pain on top of everything else, so today I'm watching the clock closely for my drug doses as well!

I do have one amusing story for today. One of my closest friends is the news editor at a newspaper in a very small town in central Illinois. The town is the type of place where everyone knows everyone else and most people are related to half the town or more. My friend had me send in Ethan's birth announcement, complete with our information and details on aunts, uncles and grandparents, none of which have any connection to the town whatsoever. And we included the photo of my half-Chinese baby with the announcement. Everyone is going to be so confused, trying to figure out who this kid is and why his birth announcement is in their local paper! It's going to be the highlight of my baby scrapbook :)


The Daring One said...

I can't believe you're up and BLOGGING all of this. You are a supermom! It's amazing how traumatic things like feeding can be. When they're that little, everything seems so urgent and scary. I'm glad it's improving.

Oh, and he's such a cute little tiny peanut.

kate said...

I totally feel your pain on the frequent feedings! My baby girl was 5 lbs 9 oz at birth and I was instructed to feed her every 2 - 2.5 hours. It was very difficult, and we had a VERY hard time getting started. She was so tiny and sleepy and could barely latch on at first. Just like you, I handed her over to my husband and cried. We gave her one last formula bottle, we both slept 4 good hours, and when we tried again it was like magic. She got it, and feeding was pretty smooth from then on.

So hang in there, it will get easier! As I type this my daughter, now 28 months, is sitting across the room munching apple slices and watching Mary Poppins...and I can barely remember those first days when we struggled.

kyouell said...

I too struggled at first. I had 2 nurses telling me to basically give up with my son because "babies with Down syndrome aren't usually able to breastfeed." Pah! They weren't allowed back in my room! He did great once we got home & we all relaxed. He also had to be woken up to eat, which I hated doing, but when a pediatric cardiologist says you have to, you have to.

My daughter also struggled a bit because she's a chomper. My milk came in early & heavy this 2nd time & she was trying to slow the flow down. We do great now. Still every 2-3 hours during the day, but she's sleeping 6 hour stretches most nights. She can even roll over to me when we nurse on the bed & hold onto me herself. I actually have 2 hands to read a book with!

Hope things are going well. I'll keep reading after I get both the munchkins in bed.