Friday, August 17, 2007

We are going to be in SO much trouble in a few years

This kid is stubborn. With a capital S. At 6 days old. I've spent about 15 minutes at each of the last two feedings, trying to convince Ethan that my left breast is in fact not bad and evil and that he does in fact need to eat from it. He just clamps his little jaw shut and will not be moved. He doesn't even yawn or make his rooting faces when I'm trying to get him to eat from that side. Just in case I try to slip something in his open mouth. If I offer the other side, all is well, and the mouth opens. But the left side...whoo boy.

Another feeding in 13 minutes. Then back to sleep for a little while longer for all of us. Hurray! Sleep!

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kate said...

They learn really fast which side they like! It could be that you have more ducts on one side, so the milk flows more easily for him. Maybe try adjusting his position on the less-favored breast so he latches on at a slightly different angle...? My daughter definitely had a favorite side and I produced more from that breast, so you're not alone. :)

He is really a beautiful baby! Thanks for all the lovely photos. Keep them coming!