Thursday, August 16, 2007


Our cat, Jenny, keeping an eye on the baby in the pack n play.
Daniel just went out to fax yet another piece of documentation to our short-term disability insurance. More complications with that. I want my money, darn it. The 8 weeks of pay from the insurance is the only money I'm going to bring in to the family until next spring. Much to the shock and horror of my Canadian in-laws and friends. I swear, I'm going to hurt someone if we get off on that topic again tomorrow when my in-laws are here. No, I don't get paid maternity leave. Yes, it is awful that the US is like that. Yes, I do know that Canadians get lots of paid leave. Seems like I should get something for giving birth to a Canadian citizen though.

Feeding every hour and a half is still really hard. We made it through the night- only had to break down and give Ethan formula once. Daniel wants to take over one of the nighttime feedings for me, but I still really would need to get up and pump, since my supply is not well established, so I'm not sure if it's a good idea. But the thought of more than 45 minutes of sleep in a row is a bit seductive.

The in-laws are coming tomorrow. They're staying in a hotel, not with us, thank goodness. I'm not sure how the visit is going to go. Usually when they're here, we go out and shop and go to dinner. We're not really the "sit around and chat" types. Especially since I'm not that close with my in-laws. They're lovely people, but we sometimes have a bit of a language barrier, and we're still all a little scared of each other. Hopefully Ethan will be cute and well-behaved tomorrow and will keep us all entertained!

Our cats have decided that I cant feed the baby without them present. At every feeding I have one sitting on the couch behind me, and another sitting on the bed in front of me. I feel that they're judging my technique :)

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Karen said...

Uh Carrie? That is two posts in a row with no photos of Ethan.

Hope the family visit goes well!