Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I always forget how much the weather affects me until we have some days with no sun, then suddenly have sun again. And, just as suddenly, I go from moping around the house or office to having lots of energy and getting things done. The sun is shining today, and I feel about 1000% better. Daniel and I are going to go across the street to SushiLand for lunch- we'll see how the baby likes being out there. I've missed sushi so much- it'll be nice to be able to actually eat the things I love, instead of sitting and staring longingly at the raw salmon as it passes me on the conveyor belt. Still no sake for me today, since it's a lunchtime outing :), but I do plan to have some when we go there for dinner next week.

In other good news, the nurse visited today and Ethan is up over 6 pounds! We might actually get to have him wear some of his cute newborn clothes soon, instead of the same 6 preemie outfits that he's been wearing for the last week and a half.

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments this week. It's definitely been (and I'm sure will continue to be) a tough adjustment. People tell you these things, but you have to live through it to really comprehend it. It's nice to have this blog to vent in- and I appreciate all the feedback. Keep it coming!


Karen said...

You will find that becoming a mother will connect you to others in ways that you never imagined. I'm glad you're feeling supported. You're doing a great job with Ethan, Carrie.

Yay for weight gain!

kyouell said...

Ah, sunshine and a blog with comments. Wonderful things.

Congrats on the weight gain (oh and on the pants, I forgot to say that before).

The longer sleep times should be helping you feel better too. I know that if I was ever tortured that sleep deprivation would be the thing that would work on me. In our society we are so go, go, go and willing to give up sleep to get things done that we often forget just how important sleep can be.

Oh, and about the having to wake Ethan to sleep. Hopefully this is resolved, but here is what happened to us. It took forever for the cardiologist to agree to it, but we were finally allowed to put The Biscuit on a 4-hour schedule instead of a 3-hour. Everything improved then because he is a 4-hour guy. All the struggles you are having, and that he doesn't wake himself to eat may just be because right now he's not being allowed to follow his internal rhythms. I hope that as I catch up I'll find that has changed. I'm rooting for you!

kyouell said...

Oh, that was "having to wake him to eat" not "to sleep." Talk about someone needing to get to bed.