Sunday, August 19, 2007


I'm struggling a bit. Okay, a lot. The combination of sleep deprivation and of having to feed the baby every hour and a half is wearing me down. Mentally more than physically. I'm really really praying that Ethan will have gained weight when we take him to the doctor tomorrow, because I cant keep up this schedule much longer. And I'm having a hard time bonding with the baby, because I don't really want to hold him/play with him for the 30-45 minutes that I'm not feeding him. The feedings themselves are tough too, because Ethan doesn't really want to eat that often. So it's more like a wrestling match between me and the 5-6 pound baby than anything else. I'm frustrated.

Daniel's doing great. Amazing. He's exactly as wonderful a father as I suspected he would be.


MamaBear at Potter Place said...

The early days of motherhood can be very tough. As my mother used to remind me, "This, too, shall pass".

Praying for you and thankful for your courage and honesty in sharing ...

mary said...

carrie- you're doing amazing! right now it is just survival when you can, sleep when you can! I will be praying that ethan has gained well so you guys can space to q 2-3.