Monday, August 20, 2007

Our goal for today

2 hours until our doctor's appointment! Where they will either tell us that we can cut back on feeding frequency or that we need to supplement, but either way, I should get a break from the constant feedings! Freedom!!!!!

Daniel and I have one goal for the day today. Actually dress our child properly when we take him outside. Last week when we went to the doctor, we forgot to put a hat on him or something on his feet. We guiltily covered him up with a blanket and hoped no one would notice. On our 10 minute outing to the grocery store, we again forgot to put a hat on him. It's chilly in Seattle today, so we really need to bundle him up before we head out. I think we're both still adjusting to the idea of having to take care of someone else.

In other news, I'm wearing non-maternity pants today. Granted, they aren't zipped up, and they're 2 sizes larger than my normal non-pregnant size, and I'm covering up the belly band that's holding them up with a maternity top, but we're making progress.

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