Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Now I'm confused

We had a good night last night- I actually got 2.5 hours of consecutive sleep. I feel so much better than I have in weeks!

I was feeling pretty good about things this morning, then the public health nurse called. Apparently she's still concerned about Ethan's weight- she said he's still not gaining enough weight. So now we're wondering who to believe about things- the doctor we saw yesterday (not our usual doctor) or the nurse. And we're wondering if everyone has the correct weights written down, etc. Ethan seems to be eating better with the every 2-2.5 hour feedings, although we still have to wake him up to feed him. He doesn't wake up on his own and ask for food. But lately, once he is awake, he eats, and eats, and eats.

Our crib tent was tested out this morning- Gracie (our younger cat) decided to try to jump on top of the crib. The tent held up as promised, so we were glad. I would be more glad if the cats wouldn't try to jump on top of the baby's bed, but I'm glad we have the tent to keep them out when they do.


Karen said...

It kind of seems like "six or one-half dozen the other" with one side being a constant struggle for both you and the baby and with the other he eats, is satisfied and you're both rested and content.

Don't let the home health nurse cause you to second guess your own instincts and the direction of your pediatrician.

How long will the home health nurse be involved?

kate said...

I'm with Karen...I would go with what the pediatrician says. Your baby looks quite healthy and normal in the photos, and as long as he is eating and you sense he is getting enough, he is probably fine. But we went through the same thing with our tiny girl. Went home from the hospital on a Thurs, and they made us come to the ped. office on Saturday morning for a weight check, then again 2 weeks later.

It's frustrating, and tiring, and yes, emotionally draining. But you will get through it! And don't feel you aren't bonding with your baby...those feedings are definitely bonding time!