Monday, August 6, 2007


Daniel and I both got a great night's sleep last night. I think I was asleep within about 15 seconds of lying down on the bed. It's nice to feel well rested today. We just returned from walking to the haircut place so that Daniel could get his haircut. Mondays are a great day to run errands like that, apparently. Everyone else is at work.

My only stress today is that my doctor filled out my short-term disability paperwork too soon and sent it off to the insurance company before she had the right info. I'm 99% certain that I said that it couldn't be filled out until after the delivery, but who knows. It's a good amount of money at stake here, so I'm a little worried about that. So now we're sitting around the house waiting for my HR department to call me back. We were heading out to walk the mall, but I'm too stressed to go have fun just now. Ugh.

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