Friday, July 27, 2007


I just finished eating a Violet Crumble candy bar. I love those. They're the best. Unfortunately, they're also imported from Australia and are relatively hard to find and expensive, but so worth it. Part of my haul from my shopping trip last night. I didn't spend too much money, but did buy some fun little things that might not fit into the budget in our near future.

I'm finding myself to be surprisingly emotional as next Saturday gets nearer. This morning I felt like crying on my way to my NST, for no reason. Then I was in a bizarrely cheerful mood after that. Right now I'm just on a sugar high :) I think that my brain doesn't have the foggiest idea of how to process all that's going on right now. It's just too weird.

On the work front- I got the two reports sent off to clients that have been hanging over my head forever. It's such a relief to have those done and out the door. The people who would have gotten stuck with them after my departure are also very relieved.

People have been amusing me with their surprise/horror that I'm still working. Truthfully, I'm more comfortable at work than at home. One person suggested that I stay home and cook, another suggested that I stay home and relax. Cooking and relaxing are both foreign concepts to me, so neither suggestion was compelling enough to make me leave work early. I do need to clean the kitchen and bathroom floors this weekend, but other than that, we're mostly ready.

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine (if you have sunshine where you are!)

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Karen said...

With my first I worked until the Friday before my due date, which was a Tuesday or something. Then I sat at home and waited. He was 4 days overdue.

Do whatever you feel comfortable doing. :) Working can definitely keep your mind busy, even if it is tiring the crud out of your body. Heehee.