Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Update from this morning's doctor's appointment

Weather update first- looks like we're up to 94 here. I'm enjoying sitting next to my fan in the air conditioned office. God bless whoever invented air conditioning.

So, had an appointment this morning- looks like the baby has dropped and that I'm dilated about 1-1.5 cm (side note- internal exams=OUCH!!!). I know I'll probably stay at this point for a while, and it's too early for things to move much past that, but I'm reassured to know that the baby seems to know that he has to come out eventually. And, if I do end up being induced at 39 weeks for my BP (still pretty likely), it'll make things a little easier if my cervix/uterus/baby are already in general agreement with us about what needs to happen.

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