Sunday, July 22, 2007

Reading marathon

I told the baby that he couldn't come until Mommy made it all the way through Harry Potter 7- which I just finished. So now he has my permission to arrive any time :) Daniel picked up the book at the library for me yesterday, and I read all evening and until late last night, and then finished this morning. My eyeballs may never recover.

Last night, as I tried to be patient with Daniel for attempting to talk to me while I was clearly VERY busy reading, I realized that this was probably the last time for many years that I'll be able to stop doing everything else in my life, and just read. Not that there are many books that I would want to drop everything for, but still. I'm doubting that babies and kids really go for the "not now, honey, mommy's too busy reading a book to feed you excuse." I'm actually going to have real responsibilities soon!

Harry Potter 7 was great. A good ending to the series.

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