Sunday, July 15, 2007


I'm up way too early this Sunday morning. I need to take advantage of my free time and go do my prenatal yoga DVD. We'll see if I come up with the motivation or not.

This was the view of the thermostat in our bedroom earlier this week- after a weekend of leaving the windows open whenever we're home, we've got the temperature regulated a bit more.

Yesterday we got the car seat inspected and learned the proper way to put the baby in the seat. Good information. That was the last biggy on our to-do list before the baby comes. So it's nice to have that done.

I've not been posting much because I've been a little discouraged since Thursday. Turns out my Group B Strep test came back positive. The doctors tend to really downplay it, but I know that it can have some serious consequences for the baby if I don't get enough antibiotics during labor. It's not a huge issue, but it's just one more thing to be worrying about these next few weeks, and one more medication to be pumped into me during labor. I have to say, I've been blessed to have an easy pregnancy as far as typical pregnancy symptoms go. But these other issues are starting to get old! I hope this is a pretty healthy baby, because I'm getting a little tired of the hospital/doctor's office. Going three times a week now- so I'm pretty sure that I've been to more doctors' appointments in the last 6 months than I have in the whole rest of my life combined.

I think it's time to go do yoga! The cats love yoga, so they'll be thrilled. One of them likes to sit in front of me while I do yoga. She'll watch for a while, then will throw a leg over her head and start washing herself while in some contorted position. All the while giving me looks that say "I don't know what your problem is, this is easy!"

I leave you with a picture of Daniel and I, taken on Friday night. We realized that we had no pictures of the two of us during this pregnancy, so had a friend take a few. I'm getting pretty big! (36 weeks)

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Karen said...

Wow! 36 weeks! You're almost home free!

I was Group B positive with my first, but negative with the other two.

Did you talk to your doctor or nurse about your fears/concerns? If you don't feel like he/she gave you the answers you need don't hesitate to call back or ask them to spend a little extra time with you next time you're there to talk about it. That is their job. You have a right to know and to have all your questions answered and your mind put at ease.

GB Strep is not an uncommon thing, but you still need to be given information, not have your concerns downplayed. Don't be afraid to voice your concerns if you haven't already. :)