Monday, July 23, 2007

No response to bribery and begging

I've started shamelessly begging the baby to come out soon. I'd rather have him come out on his own than to go through the induction that's looming on the horizon. Of course, I'm still glad that there is an induction on the horizon and that the end is in sight. But that's not going to stop me from trying to convince Lucky to make a voluntary appearance. I've tried bribery as well, but, given that the kid has no idea what material possessions are, it's hard to convince him of the wonders of stuffed animals and books and candy.

Daniel and I made it to the Bite of Seattle last evening. Every year there is a great Seattle chef who organizes an event within the Bite of Seattle, where you get to try a little taste from a bunch of his restaurants and other restaurants in the area. Proceeds go to charity, and the food is great, so we usually try to get there. It's been raining here all weekend, so we didn't think that we were going to make it to the outdoor festival, but finally the weather cleared enough yesterday for me to waddle over there. Then we came home and made root beer floats and watched Casino Royale (which I hated, incidentally).

I found out yesterday that my non-worrying husband has started worrying about being a parent. I have been checking in periodically to try to see how he's handling things, and up until now, he's seemed to be doing well. Turns out that he's finally seen the light and started worrying- he made a list for me yesterday, and his concerns continue on past the baby's graduation from high school. I was impressed, as I lack the energy to worry much past the next hour or so. :) We're doing lots of praying and are trying to leave these things in God's hands where they belong. Easier said than done.

The best thing about today so far- my coworker who usually uses the parking spot is gone all week, and I think I've guilt-tripped my other two coworkers into letting me us the spot all week. Riding the bus and walking to the bus stop is a miserable experience, so I'm eternally grateful. Makes the whole day better :)

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Sheryl said...

I successfully avoided inductions by doing LOTS of walking ... as in, like, MILES and MILES ... so, don't get too attached to that parking space. Maybe taking the bus and getting off a few blocks away is just what Lucky needs (smile).