Monday, July 2, 2007


Still dealing with the issues stemming from the deadline that my boss neglected to tell me existed- we have a bunch of people in the company scrambling to get things done now. So now I just wait. It's been a crazy morning already though, and it's only 10 AM. I think I need a snack (since I cant have a drink).

Anyway, it was a good and insanely busy weekend this weekend. I got up bright and early on Saturday, as usual, and cleaned/washed baby clothes/organized things. Then Daniel got up and we continued the cleaning. At noon our friends arrived, and we girls went off to my baby shower. Daniel and his friend walked around downtown and then took the water taxi over to Alki Beach. They had a great time. We arrived a little early at the shower, but everything looked great. People started to arrive right on time, and we had a nice lunch and conversation. Then it was time for games- they did play the "guess how big around Carrie is" game. Someone guessed pretty close- within 2 inches. I did not save the string to measure and see how big I really am :) We played some other games as well, then had presents!! People got me some great and really useful stuff. So the nursery is pretty much done now. The cake was fabulous as well, so it was an all around great shower.

The string game

Me at 34 weeks

Then we headed back home, and hung out for a couple of hours while waiting for the guys to return from Alki. Which they finally did, with flowers. So sweet! We had Thai food for dinner, which was a bit of a mistake, as I discovered at about 2 AM. Sunday was another early morning, a mini-nervous breakdown for me (I didn't sleep much Saturday night and was an emotional wreck on Sunday morning), then church and finally some shopping. We bought a few more things at Babies R Us, and are feeling pretty good about our preparedness, as far as stuff goes, at least.

All in all it was a good weekend. I think I am feeling a little more emotional now though- as I told Daniel on Saturday night, I feel like we don't have much to do now except just wait for the baby. No more big events to get through first- the next big thing on the calendar is the baby's arrival. Daniel refuses to be at all scared by this, which annoys me and makes me want to hit him, but I guess I should be grateful that one of us is still mentally stable.


Sheryl said...

Looks like a great shower! I'm howling over the "guess how big Carrie is" string game!!! Never seen that one before, but I'll be sure to try it the next shower I host :-) Post some pics of the nursery and your gifts!

Goslyn said...

You look so adorable! Glad your shower was lovely - as all showers should be.