Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'd really like to blame the baby

I wish I could blame Lucky for my 3 pound weight gain this past week. But I suspect it has a whole lot more to do with my daily ice cream consumption than to do with him. Oh well. I'm going to get my chubby rear end right back to WW after this munchkin is born and we start to get the hang of things a bit. I have a reunion with a bunch of old friends 8 weeks after his scheduled arrival, and am hoping to be slightly less hippopotamus-like by that point in time. We'll see.

Not much to do at work again today. So, once again, I organized my office. It keeps getting untidy. My group laughed at me today during a group meeting, when I knew exactly how many days and hours I had left until I start maternity leave. As much as I'm in denial about giving birth/actually being a mom, I've sort of mentally moved on past this work thing. Although I really like my job, and I worked darned hard to get my degree and enter this field, I'm looking forward to my 6 months away.

Is it Friday yet?

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