Tuesday, July 17, 2007

He's got his daddy's nose (alternate title: so THAT'S why I'm doing this)

I had my usual non-stress test this morning. All went well, which was nice. The baby decided to take the day off yesterday and would not move no matter what Daniel or I did. I was busy yesterday, so didn't really realize that he had been quiet all day until evening, then I started panicking a bit. But, everything looked good this morning.

AND- at ultrasound #6, the technician surprised me by taking 3D photos. First time I've actually teared up during an ultrasound. It's so amazing to me that I was able to see what my baby looks like while he's still inside. He has his daddy's nose. Daniel says the rest of his face looks like mine, but I'm not sure.


Sheryl said...

Don't those 3D photos have a way of making things see so much more "real"?? The detail is amazing ... and yes, he definitely has his daddy's nose!

Karen said...

Does it make you anxious to smooch those soft little cheeks?! What precious photos. He is going to be a gorgeous newborn. Look at that perfect little mouth!

(sigh) I love babies. I could have 12 if I didn't have to be pregnant. And if we could skip age years 2-4.