Monday, July 30, 2007


I had intentions of posting as soon as I got to the office this morning, but then they were playing Claire De Lune in the elevator. Which is a gorgeous piece of music, but pretty much put me back to sleep, so I've been sitting at my desk for a few minutes, trying to shake the cobwebs from my brain and form coherent ideas for the blog.

I cant thank you all enough for your comments. It helps a lot to be reminded that the love I will feel for Lucky will far overwhelm my pain and discomfort and dislike of vomit and poop. Thanks for the practical comments too regarding recovery- good suggestions. I'll be logging on to my blog to re-read those next week, I'm sure! Thanks for reminding me to not hold too tightly to any particular ideas of how things are going to go. Being a control freak, I needed that. And thanks for reminding me that being a mom is a higher calling. My selfish nature is still fighting with the idea of losing my spare time and disposable income. I need to be shaken up sometimes and remember that being a mom is a job that God has called me to do.

Daniel and I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind regarding date nights and things like that. I know that keeping my marriage strong is one of the best gifts I can give this baby. I'm blessed to have had a great example of that- my parents have always been best friends and would rather be together than anywhere else. And while they've always loved and cherished my brother and I, we always knew that we did not rank higher in their lives than each other. Honestly, that gave us a lot of security and a feeling of real safety. I hope to be able to give my kid(s) the same sense of safety.

I have to get busy with work- mostly trying to find enough to do to keep busy through Thursday (I'm taking off Friday to obsessively clean the condo, and hopefully to have lunch with my best friend). If anyone else has any other advice- I'd love to hear it.

Oh, and to all of you who posted- I'm going to have to blame you when Daniel comes home from work and everything is a disaster- since you've all commented, now I have so many great blogs to read that I didn't know about before! :) I'm going to have to learn to feed the baby with one hand and work the computer with the other.

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Pam said...

You will quickly learn the art of multitasking:)

So nice to meet you and can't wait to keep reading about this new adventure in your lives!