Sunday, July 8, 2007

Annoying lack of whining

My husband either has nasty allergies this weekend, or has decided to catch one of his once-every-two years colds. I don't think either of us has been sick at all for the last year, possibly longer. So when one of us gets sick, it always catches me off-guard. The disturbing thing is that my darling beloved one doesn't take advantage of illness to whine and complain and make me wait on him. I maintain that it's harder to take care of someone who doesn't whine or complain a little, because I don't know what he needs to feel better. So we have to go through a checklist of possibilities every few minutes. Would he like a snack? a pillow? some coffee? cold medicine? a bowl of cherries? Eventually I usually hit on what it is that he really wants (but is being too well-behaved to ask for). It's good for me to have to do this though, since he's been putting up with my pregnancy complaints for the past 7 months (I didn't complain the first 4 weeks of pregnancy). I need to be reminded occasionally that other people need to be pampered and taken care of too. Daniel definitely deserves to be spoiled- I wish he would let me do so more often!

We had a really lazy day yesterday. I got dressed briefly in the morning to take the cat to the vet for her yearly checkup. And then we went to SushiLand for dinner, so I had to get dressed again later in the day. Since I cant eat much of the sushi at this point, I tend to spend my time there planning my post-baby dinner. SushiLand is across the street from our condo, so when my parents visit 2 weeks post-birth, Daniel and I plan to leave the baby with them and run out for a quick bite to eat. I've already mentally decided on some nice salmon, spicy tuna rolls, and sake to wash it down. Yum.

I'm sitting here watching my stomach go through some seriously odd contortions. Lucky apparently is trying to get comfortable in there, and it seems to involve a lot of shifting about, which makes this odd lump shape move across my belly every few minutes. Very strange.

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