Thursday, July 26, 2007

9 days!

We're in the single digits! People ask if I'm nervous or scared. Truthfully, this whole thing is too surreal to allow for any sort of emotional response. I find denial to be an effective way to get through this time and still allow me to sleep and function semi-normally at work.

Waiting for a client phone call again. We have 3 expert reports in various stages of editing, all of which we're desperately trying to get out the door before I disappear. There's a certain frantic nature about all of it, both on my end and from my client. Hopefully we'll manage to get it all done today.

Someone asked if I would post pictures of the baby- I do plan to. After all, you all have put up with my whining and griping and general annoyingness for the last 8.5 months (THANK YOU!!!), so you deserve to see the end product.

I'm excited about this evening- I'm meeting some girlfriends for dinner at a shopping area just south of Seattle, and this area has some of my favorite stores. So I plan to hit Ulta and stock up on makeup and go to Babies R Us and buy a few things there, and go to Cost Plus World Market and get a mini bottle of champagne for celebrating once the baby is born. Then dinner with my friends! I finally let Daniel bring a bottle of wine home yesterday that he got for a Christmas gift. He doesn't drink, and since I couldn't, we just kept all alcohol out of our house. It was easier that way. I know I still wont be able to drink much after Lucky's arrival, but it's nice to know that I could have a small glass of wine if I wanted.

9 days!!! Seriously, how crazy is that!

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