Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A weird correlation

For some reason, every time I have nothing to do at work, we have glorious weather in Seattle. Beautiful sunny skies, and a warm day. And inside I sit, staring longingly out the window. But not in the direction of the hotel next door, because there are naked people over there. We hadn't had a sighting in a while, but yesterday my coworker came in to tell me to not look outside, because he had just spotted a naked tourist wandering around his hotel room with the curtains open.

Yesterday I did manage to get outside in the evening, and went for a waddle around Green Lake with my best friend. We had a good time catching up on stuff. She's a school teacher, and is in the midst of the last 12 days of school. Not that she's counting or anything. I made remarkably good time around the lake, I thought, although it took about twice as long as usual. I'm just not moving that fast. Although, on Sunday, Daniel and I were walking the few blocks home from the Seattle Center, and saw an old lady with a walker several blocks ahead of us. And we caught up with her and passed her! Major accomplishment, if you ask me.

Funny thing happened this weekend. Last week I purchased a little lingerie bag at the local Japanese "stuff" store (that's really the only way to describe it) for the purpose of washing the baby's little socks, hats, etc. I also picked up a little mesh bag for washing bras. It is cylindrical in shape and is supposed to hold one bra. Well, on Sunday I got ready to do laundry, and thought I'd try using the bra holder when I washed the nursing bra that I just purchased in preparation for post-baby. I opened the bra holder, grabbed my bra, and started laughing out loud. What I had neglected to think of was that the bra holder is made for Japanese woman bras. And I am the complete opposite of an Asian woman in terms of the bosom area- I'm of good German stock, and am currently 7 months pregnant. My bra is like Godzilla to a Japanese woman's bra. The bra holder didn't stand a chance. I ended up using it to wash out some re-usable nursing pads instead.

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