Friday, June 15, 2007

Too much

Yesterday was too much. Although I am grateful that the trip to Portland happened this week and not a week or two from now. If it had, I would probably be curled up in the car at a rest stop, waiting for Daniel to find a way to come rescue me.

Got up at 5:30 Thursday morning after a night of not much sleep. My back aches too much to sleep really well. Then drove to Portland, thankfully only sitting in rush hour traffic for about 30 minutes. Got to the government office and sorted through two carts of files- looking for random sentences of interest buried in giant reports. Finished the review and went to find the hotel for the business lunch. Where I did not walk around networking and passing out my business card. Sat through a fairly good lunch and an hour plus of incredibly dull presentations. Then managed to find my way out of Portland (thanks to our car's navigation system) and very tiredly drove back to get Daniel in Satsop. I *had* to stop in Centralia at the outlet malls- for my own safety, of course. :) Got some cute slip on sneakers and some more onesies for the munchkin. Including a cute one that says "I play sports with Daddy." Too cute.

We made it home last night around 7 PM, and I laid on the couch until Daniel got home from meeting with his friend. That was my favorite part of the day- just lying there with pillows propped under me and behind me and around me. Heaven.

So now it's back to the grind. Still don't have much to do, but I'm really too tired to care that much. Just hoping today goes quickly. Tomorrow we have a baby care class at the hospital, which should be interesting. Hopefully we'll learn a lot!

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