Thursday, June 28, 2007


Finally, we're more than halfway through this week. My baby shower is on Saturday, so I'm even more anxious than usual to be done with the workweek.

I'm very excited about work today, because we have a 2 hour telecon. That I get to take from my office. So I just get to sit here and listen to people talk and I don't have to be productive or think (not that I'm really capable of thinking very much anyway). And I get paid for it. What a great day!

I told Daniel last night that I feel like my body is moving in slow motion and that my brain is made up of molasses. Then I proceeded to cry most of the evening because I had to stand up for the whole, very crowded bus ride, and people kept running into my belly with their book bags. I was tired and emotional yesterday to begin with, so it didn't take much to push me over the edge. But Daniel was sweet to me (I think I am the most blessed woman ever!) and let me do nothing more strenuous last night than lick envelopes for the bills he was paying and put address labels on the outside of the envelopes. So I'm feeling a lot better today. And I didn't have to ride the bus this morning, which was great.

Gotta go visit the ladies room again now. Lucky's wiggling around and my bladder apparently is getting in his way.

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