Thursday, June 7, 2007


I have got to remember that things in life are not all about me. I've really been stressing Daniel out lately, and I didn't even realize it. He's not one to really discuss his feelings, and I often take his silence as meaning that everything is fine in his world. Then I proceed to tell him every minute detail of every worry I have, and he files that away and begins quietly worrying about those things himself. On top of his work worries, and issues with his friends and family, and his own concerns about becoming a parent. I need to reinstall my mental/verbal filter.

I hit a landmark yesterday- for the first time, someone took one look at me when I got on the bus and jumped up to give me his seat. I was pretty tired yesterday, so that was really nice. The other thing I find amusing about actually looking pregnant, is the looks of concern that I occasionally get when I get on an elevator at my office. Our building's elevators have been known to get stuck, and people always look at my belly when I get on, and then I practically hear them thinking "please don't let me get stuck in here with the pregnant girl".

I get to read about arsenic and dirt again all day today!! I'm so lucky!

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