Wednesday, June 20, 2007

There's something not quite right about this...

We had our long afternoon of appointments yesterday- growth ultrasound, non-stress test, cardiac output test, and wrap-up doctor's appointment. They all went pretty well. I about fell asleep during the ultrasound, since the technician was mainly looking at the baby's heart and measuring leg bones and such. Nothing too interesting. Even if it had been interesting, I would have wanted to sleep, I think. You put a pregnant woman on a bed for an hour, chances are she's going to try to take a nap. Lucky's still on the small side- holding steady at 30th percentile. Except for his head. Which is right on schedule, and which is the thing I find to be not quite right (see subject line). Apparently, I'm going to get to push a freakishly large-headed baby out. Daniel made the very stupid comment yesterday "well, at least the rest of the body will be easy once you get the head out." I pointed out that the head is usually the difficult/painful part, and that wasn't really any consolation that his body is small.

The non-stress test went well too. Lucky tried to sleep through it, so got buzzed a couple of times. It looks like I'll have to have those tests twice a week from now on. I'm going to probably have to cut back on my work hours in order to fit in all the doctors' appointments that I'll be having in the next two months.

But- the good news of the day yesterday (this still needs to be confirmed by my doctor) is that, due to my BP issues, there is no benefit to me going past my due date, and I'll probably be induced right around that date! Hurray!!!

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mary said...

yay for all the tests going well!