Monday, June 18, 2007

Recovering from the weekend

It's Monday afternoon already. Today has actually gone really quickly, surprisingly. 7.5 hours ago I walked in to the office with nothing to do, but then got a bunch of work dumped on me at once. My boss is going on vacation this coming weekend (hurray!), but in the meantime she's in a rush to get as many things done as is humanly possible. So there will be multitudes of these little flurries of activity this week. I'm out half the day tomorrow for 4 appointments at the hospital. A new record for me. Hopefully there wont be work crises while I'm out.

We had our baby care class this Saturday, as well as the hospital tour. I left the class feeling discouraged and overwhelmed again- it seems like all the books and classes only talk about all the things can can go wrong- the baby that doesn't sleep for 5 months, colic, stomach problems, breastfeeding issues, etc. When you're already feeling tired and discouraged about pregnancy in general, adding in all that info makes it really tough to be too excited about having the baby. One of our pastors preached on Sunday on the topic of parenthood, and his first point was "children are a blessing." I need to remember that when I get overwhelmed with all the information.

Then my parents informed me that the baby might be sleeping through the night by the time they come to visit. At 2 weeks post-birth. They didn't believe me when I said that babies aren't expected to sleep through the night that early and that they have to eat every 2-3 hours. It's going to be an interesting visit.

The most amusing/interesting part of Saturday was when Daniel and I were sitting in the hospital lobby between our class and our tour. A couple walked by on their way out to the car, carrying their newborn in his/her carseat, and toting all their hospital bags along. You could practically sense the emotion radiating off them and read their thoughts "oh my goodness, they're letting us leave with this baby, what on earth do we do now." Hard to believe it's going to be us in 2 months (please baby, please don't be late).

I also discovered that I am the only person in my family who is not bothered by hospitals. I actually kind of like them. Daniel however, while we were in the hallway waiting for the tour, turned to me and said "this place is creepy." We were in a nicely lit, nicely furnished, quiet waiting area outside labor and delivery, so I did not find it creepy in the least. He apparently did. And my mom went through excruciating home deliveries just to avoid hospitals and doctors. I'd so much rather be in the hospital's controlled environment with doctors and nurses close by.

So, that's the weekend and the day today. It's going to be a busy week this week, with the all-afternoon appointments tomorrow (growth ultrasound, non-stress test, cardiac output testing, doctor's visit), a Mariner's game on Wednesday (we have upper-deck seats. My 120 pound husband is going to have fun hauling me up all those stairs....), and childbirth class all weekend (I giggle inwardly at the thought of Daniel watching the childbirth video. I'm only giving him a 50/50 shot at getting through it without covering his eyes or fainting).

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mary said...

don't stress! you'll be great parents!!!!

and of course no baby should sleep through the night at two weeks! they need to eat!!!!