Friday, June 1, 2007

Please, may I have some coffee?

I try to limit myself to one caffeinated drink per day, sometimes none at all. Today I think I need about a gallon of coffee. I slept poorly last night. So did my poor husband. This was partially because it was hot in our condo, and partially because I was uncomfortable. Something was hurting/aching. I don't really even know what. I'm kind of realizing that it's not worth the effort to figure out what's causing my mild aches and pains or even where exactly the ache du'jour is located. I did get some cute and not too expensive new clothes yesterday at Motherhood and at Ross. And I cleaned my closet of the pre-pregnancy clothes that a) never fit me that well or b) didn't make me feel good about myself. Daniel has promised that I can buy new clothes post-baby, so it's a good time to clean.

Today I am working from here:,_Washington
It really has to be seen to be believed. I'm at Daniel's main office, working in...a cubicle. I have a lovely office in a tall, downtown skyscraper, with a view of streets and trees and people, and a view of the Space Needle from the hallway directly outside my office. So working in a cubicle under artificial lights takes some getting used to. But, his main office is on the way to Portland (where we're heading this weekend), so it made sense to come work from here this morning. But right now, I'm a little uncertain as to whether I'm going to be working next time Daniel drops by my cubicle, or whether I'll be curled up snoring under the desk. Tired+cubicle+nearly complete silence (there are few people working in this section of their offices) does not equal a productive worker.

We're going to buy a crib this weekend! Then the nursery will be almost finished!

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