Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday morning

We had childbirth class this weekend- it went pretty well. The first day wasn't really any new information, but the second day covered inductions, epidurals and C-sections, which was really helpful. Daniel did great during the birth videos and I was really proud of him. One girl went into labor during the class- she was having contractions on Saturday, still having them on Sunday, went to her hospital during the lunch break, and then her mom came back in the afternoon to get her stuff, saying that her water had broken at the hospital and things were underway! Crazy.

We did have one funny moment on Sunday. Before lunch our teacher had us do a guided visualization- something about walking on a path in the woods to a wall where there is a gate that opens to a garden. We were supposed to visualize it and then talk about our visualization with our partner to see how we experienced the same thing differently- what color we saw things, where the path was in our visualization, etc. Daniel and I completely failed this exercise. Turns out I pretty much was lost in the visualization when the teacher said "you are walking on a dirt path" and I started thinking "dirt? Ick! I need to not touch the dirt." Then she talked about walking under a tree branch, and I started worrying about bugs dropping off the branch onto me. The final straw was when she had us visualize a bird in the trees, and I started seeing the scene from Shrek where Princess Fiona sings to a bird and makes it explode... But, as it turns out, I'm not the most messed up one in the class. Daniel was apparently thinking about the hamburger that he wanted for lunch, and whether to order french fries or onion rings with it. :)

Okay, time for me to get ready for my doctor's appointment. Then off to work. Hopefully I'll stay awake at work- sleep has been elusive lately. Which is fine on the weekends, but a little harder to deal with on a worknight.

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