Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am NOT making this up

I think I've mentioned this before, but my in-laws are choosing Lucky's middle name, since Daniel's spoken Chinese is good, but not good enough to know meanings of names. We asked them for a short list of suggestions several months ago. Last time we visited, my mother-in-law handed us a list of names. In Chinese. Which neither of us reads. Actually, Daniel reads a few words, mostly those he remembers from when he was 6 and was reading kids' books in Hong Kong. Horse, dog, cat, etc. But not names.

So, when they visited this past weekend, we asked if they could write down the names in English for us. My mother-in-law (who made up the names) said she couldn't, because she didn't know the official translations. So she needed to ask the uncles and aunts to make sure she was getting them right. This confused me, but, whatever.

Today, my brother-in-law finally sent the short list, in English, to Daniel. Which Daniel forwarded to me, then came into the cubicle where I'm working (I'm at his office again), laughing out loud. Because, out of the 8 names on the list, one was "Man Dick" and another "Man Ho". We got a good 30 minutes amusement out of that. Then crossed them off our short list as to avoid having to pay huge therapy bills someday for Lucky.

I love cross- cultural life. :)

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Marieke said...

That's hilarious!