Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Emotional doors

I'm feeling selfish again this week. Seems like a bunch of people that I know are having problems and stresses and dramas, and I cant deal with it. The space in my brain that's reserved for compassion and worry and trying to figure things out is completely full. With worrying about how much more weight I'll gain, and if the massive amount of furniture/stuff in my condo is going to drive my minimalist self nuts, and childbirth, and hating the idea of having people coming to visit me after the baby is born, and a general feeling of being completely unprepared for having a child in ~9.5 weeks. I don't have the emotional energy left to write encouraging emails or call people and see how they are. I just cant do it.

So now I feel guilty about that too.

On a happy note, we got the crib and mattress this weekend and got it set up in the baby's room. So we're ready, furniture-wise. So far the cats have stayed out of the crib. We'll see how long that lasts.

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