Monday, June 11, 2007

Darn it

We had an appointment this AM with my regular doctor. I was really hoping that she'd forbid me from going on the trip that I have to take for work later this week. No such luck. She just asked if I had to make the 5 hour drive alone, suggested other options (which wont work because of my schedule for the day) and then generally looked unhappy about the idea. But didn't forbid the trip. Darn it. Now Daniel's all worried about me driving alone, and truthfully, he doesn't need anything else to worry about. He's a quiet worrier. He's like a squirrel- he grabs the worries and stores them away, hidden somewhere. So it looks like he has no worries, when, in reality, he has a huge pile of them somewhere out of sight.

We had a good, if exhausting weekend. It concluded with us meeting up with our marriage mentors last night. That was good. They were really helpful with some suggestions for conflict resolution. We don't fight often, but when we do, Daniel tends to shut down completely, and I say every random thought that crosses my mind. Not a good combo. We both need to work on that. But we got some good ideas last night. Now I just need to pick a fight about something so we can try them out. ;) Given my current not-so-stable mental state, I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

I apparently only remembered to put hairspray in half of my hair this morning. I'm going to look interesting by the end of the day. I want my brain back.

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