Friday, June 29, 2007

All my favorite things

I think that three of my absolute favorite things in life are 1) spending time with good friends, 2) cake and 3) presents. And my baby shower is tomorrow. Where all three of those favorites will be represented! Hurray! (It's really hard for me to believe that I'm 30 years old right now, because I'm acting/sounding exactly like I did when I was about 10).

Daniel supposedly had a conference call at 7 AM this morning. Thankfully, he got up and let me sleep until 6:45. Then the conference call was canceled, so we hung out at home until I dropped him off at work on my way to the hospital for my non-stress test (which went fine). Daniel's currently lost to me, because he just got this new little mini computer, and he spends all his time playing with it. It's very cool, but the screen is so small that it makes me a little ill. Still, it's going to be a fun toy to have.

I'm only working 3 hours today- loving this new 35 hour work week. Supposedly me working 35 hours/week means I work 7 hour days, but I had enough 8 and 9 hour days earlier this week to blow through 32 hours, so I'm almost done for the day. Which is good, because, I have nothing to do. But my office is clean!

So, I'm off to the grocery store and to get a manicure/pedicure (my second one EVER!) this afternoon. Then I'll probably clean. I washed out the inside of the refrigerator this morning. Daniel was confused that I felt the need to do that at 7 AM, but hey, I was awake and had energy. I'm not sure what I'll tackle this afternoon, but I'm sure some dirt will catch my attention.

Have a great weekend!

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