Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ah, summer

Okay, hands down, top of the list on the reasons why I love Seattle- summer is there. Very top. This place rocks in the summer. Today we have beautiful blue skies, a few puffy white clouds, and a predicted high of 80. And it stays light until almost 10 PM these days. Perfect.

I'm learning interesting things about Daniel these days as we talk about our childhoods and prepare for Lucky's arrival. Some of these things are strange to me. 1) he cant cook potatoes. Or spaghetti. Because he didn't grow up eating them. I cant cook rice very well though, so it goes both ways. But the thing I find most strange is that, since he didn't grow up eating spaghetti, he never got to go into the kitchen when his mom was cooking spaghetti and get one long, raw noodle to munch on (my family wasn't the only ones who did that, right?). I offered him a noodle the other day and he just stared at me. 2) His preferred snack of choice as a child was dried octopus. That turns my stomach just thinking about it. 3) He doesn't know the words to the kids song, BINGO. How weird is that! I have to teach him all the traditional kids songs. I'm picturing myself having lessons in our living room, with Daniel and the baby sitting in front of me, taking notes on words and hand motions.

Lucky's going to have an interesting childhood, growing up in a cross-cultural family, that's for sure.

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