Wednesday, June 6, 2007

200 days!

According to my pregnancy ticker, today is pregnancy day 200. I told Daniel that this morning, and he looked at me in shock and said "You've been pregnant for 200 days?" It's gone pretty fast and at the same time it seems a million years ago that I was charting my temps and waiting for the day to test.

God really blessed me last night. Daniel and I went up to Upper Queen Anne to browse a little bookstore up there and have a hot chocolate before heading home. And I managed to talk him into having pizza for dinner (only the second time in the whole pregnancy!), so that was fun. I also got 3 phone calls from friends in the early evening, all of which were fun, light conversations, which is what I really needed yesterday. And one of the post-baby things that I've been most worried about/obsessing over seems to be resolving itself, which is a huge relief.

And, most importantly for my mental state, I had the time to sit down and make spreadsheets last night. Packing for the hospital spreadsheet, to-do in the next few weeks spreadsheet, who to call/email from the hospital spreadsheet. This has made me feel much more in control of things, which makes me endlessly happy. I really love lists and organization.

So, now it's time to read about arsenic for the next 8 hours and try to stay awake at my desk. Hopefully I'll be successful!

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