Monday, May 7, 2007

What I realized this weekend

I realized that, if I deal with a backache so poorly, the chances of me going through labor without drugs are... let's see... about zero. I don't know why I've even considered it, honestly. Who am I kidding. I'm the painkiller queen. My beloved, on the other hand, acts like taking an ibuprofen is going to turn him into a drug addict who wanders the streets late at night, looking for his next fix. I keep trying to explain to him that I want ibuprofen and cant have it, so if he's hurting, he needs to just take the drugs and feel better (disclaimer- I know I can have Tylenol, but it just doesn't work as well). I think he only buys my logic about 10% of the time.

Pretty good weekend this weekend. We ended up at the Seattle Art Museum grand re-opening yesterday, which was fun. Anything free and cultural is always a good time. I was on my feet a little too much this weekend though, so was in pain by last night. Then Daniel had the audacity to have a headache, so I had to get over myself and take care of him for a little while. I hate it when he cuts into my lying on the couch and whining time :)

It's going to be beautiful in Seattle this week! I'm very excited about this. It is also supposed to be nice this weekend, when we're heading up to Canada, so that'll make the drive nice. Hurray!

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