Monday, May 14, 2007

Stuff that's on my mind today

1. I cant believe I'm 27 weeks pregnant. Crazy.

2. This weekend was actually pretty good. I got along with everyone, had some good conversations with Daniel's family, and we didn't end up having to endure a huge group dinner on Saturday night, just a small dinner with the 5 of us. Which was such a relief.

3. The baby apparently loves Chinese Hot Pot. He danced around for almost the entire meal and then went back to sleep. Hardly kicked me at all yesterday or today. But during Hot Pot- regular little soccer player.

4. Normally emotionally unstable people will make slightly scarily emotional pregnant people. I speak from experience. Daniel's off to Kansas today for the week. I've been crying about that. Because I cry about EVERYTHING.

5. Having people disappointed in me is normally hard. It's worse when I'm hormonal. Little things at work have been really upsetting me, and I freak out if any of my work projects are seen as less than perfect. And having people closer to me be disappointed in me or not agree with a decision that Daniel and I are making is really really hard. Which is really upsetting me. I haven't yet learned how to say "I value your opinion and I appreciate your concern. But, this is a decision that we have been praying about. We've weighed all the options and have spent a lot of time investigating different possibilities. And this decision is the one that we feel is right for us and our family at this point in time. We will continue to pray and seek God's guidance, and we trust that He will let us know if we need to change our decision in the future." But I don't know how to do that yet. I think this is all a bigger issue- I need to spend more time in prayer and with God, and remember that my identity is in Him, and that I need to worry about what He thinks about me and my actions, and not what other people think.

6. Have to go walk Daniel to the bus stop in a few minutes so he can catch a bus to the airport for his flight to Kansas. I'm going to miss having him around in the evenings this week.

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