Friday, May 18, 2007

My sweetie is home

He actually came back from Kansas WITHOUT a gift for me though. What's up with that? He claims that the gift shop in the airport had nothing interesting, besides the little teddy bear that he bought me last time. He did save some of the snack pack that he got on the plane though, and handed that over to me when he got back, so I let him in the condo.

Another gorgeous day here in Seattle. I have no plans to go outside though. Need to stay in and work hard today to make up hours from earlier this week when I had nothing to do and kept leaving the office to go shopping.

I'm 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow. That means I could have a baby hanging around in 12 weeks. That's a really terrifying thought. We should probably start getting ready for this kid. Need to buy him a crib and pick a name. I think we're leaning towards the idea of writing a bunch of names on pieces of paper and randomly picking one. We tried reading names to the cats last night to see if they expressed interest in any of them, but got no reactions. Our cats are useless.

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Anonymous said...

Your hubby is right. The KC airport doesn't have much for gift shops! :)

sunflower1007 from WW boards