Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My first baby present!

Actually, that's not true. My catsitter did give me a book for the baby. A great one too- "Adventures of Frog and Toad." A very good start to the baby's library. The baby's library will probably be the deciding factor in when we have to move to a bigger place. The baby's Nana is a children's librarian, and has been collecting books for this child for, oh, 10 years. I'm trying to avoid buying too many books myself, knowing of her stash of books, but there have been some I had to have. One I bought and just received yesterday in the mail was "Wheedle on the Needle". Another truly great kids book. I made Daniel sit down and read it yesterday, since he'd never seen it before. I especially like the book's dedication, which is to the "children and not-so-children who live and play in the shadow of the Space Needle." We live about 3 blocks from the Space Needle, so it made me smile.

Anyway, back to the gift. I got my crib mobile today! It's a honeybee mobile- and I love it. The baby's room is going to be pretty simple, with some pictures of Classic Pooh and with honeybee accents. The mobile is going to be a great addition. A dear friend in Arizona sent it to me. It was so sweet of her! And, not only did I get a gift, but I got to start a NEW SPREADSHEET! to track gifts/thank you notes. I really like spreadsheets, so having an excuse to start a new one was almost as good as getting the actual present :)

Another gorgeous day in Seattle. So hard to be inside. I have to stop myself from even looking out my office window.

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