Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's grocery store day!!!

When I was a child, never once did it cross my mind that when I grew up and became an adult, I would grow into a lunatic with no life. Which I must be, judging from the level of excitement that the new grocery store has inspired in me. This morning, on my way to my doctor's appointment, the bus went past the new store. With lights on and people inside, shopping! I wanted to grab the person next to me and say "look! It's open! The grocery store within 2 blocks of my home!!" I managed to restrain myself though. But tonight at 6:30, guess where I'll be?

My doctor's appointment went well today. I'm somehow now measuring big for my pregnancy- I think she said 26 or 27 cm at 25 weeks, 4 days. So not huge, but I was measuring small just a month ago, so that's a change. Given that the baby has not gone out, but seems to have moved up, I'm spending most of the morning wondering where exactly my internal organs are currently located.

In two weeks I have to go back for the gestational diabetes test. And my rhogam shot. In the same day. I'm a lucky woman. :)

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