Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Daycare number 5...

At least I think it was number 5. I've sort of lost track. We had our final daycare visit this morning. Daniel's blackberry buzzed and rang the whole time we were there, of course, which tends to speed up our visits a bit, but we enjoyed what we saw during our time there. So we'll be getting on yet another waiting list, and hoping for the best. This daycare is the closest to our condo, which would be really nice. And it's near a brand new grocery store which is finally opening tomorrow!! I'm going to have a grocery store and pharmacy and STARBUCKS!!! within two blocks of my home. Hallelujah.

I'm in a much better mood today. Despite still looking like a hippopotamus. With strangely frizzy hair. My hair doesn't usually do frizzy, so this is confusing me a bit.

Daniel's off to a Mariner's game tonight. I'm heading home early to try to dodge traffic/people from an immigration rally/May Day parade that's rather inconveniently (for me) located between my office and my condo. I think that I'll probably go to SushiLand for dinner. Even though I can only eat a few things off the menu, I still love the place.

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