Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back at work

The weekend lived up to its promise. Saturday we hit the Folklife Festival and enjoyed some yummy Tibetan food. Sunday was church stuff- services in the morning, then a BBQ at our possible new church building in the evening. I ended up helping with the potluck- I never know what to do at these events, as far as figuring out when to help and when to give up and go sit down. I'm fine with the pre-potluck organizing and work, but then once people have brought most of the food and are moving through the line, I'm still scared to leave the table and go sit down. I usually end up lurking near the food for the entire time, to make sure things are moving smoothly. I'm sure people could probably manage to figure things out on their own, but once I've put the effort into setting things up, it's hard to let go.

Yesterday was by far our most productive day. I spent the early afternoon cleaning the carpets while Daniel installed a ceiling fan in the guest room/office/baby's room. We also got an organizer hung on the wall and the pictures for the baby's room up. And, we got the massive desk/bookshelf unit moved out of the room and into our living room. So now the space almost looks like a baby room- we just need to buy a crib and do some more organizing.

So, I'm hurting and tired today from all the activity yesterday, but it feels good to have things checked off the to-do list. Especially since we have every weekend from now until the middle of July booked up, and no spare time to do things around the condo.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Here's a photo of me at 29 weeks. My saintly husband reassured me that I look "wide" because of the angle that he took the photo. I appreciate him taking the blame for it :)

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