Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My first baby present!

Actually, that's not true. My catsitter did give me a book for the baby. A great one too- "Adventures of Frog and Toad." A very good start to the baby's library. The baby's library will probably be the deciding factor in when we have to move to a bigger place. The baby's Nana is a children's librarian, and has been collecting books for this child for, oh, 10 years. I'm trying to avoid buying too many books myself, knowing of her stash of books, but there have been some I had to have. One I bought and just received yesterday in the mail was "Wheedle on the Needle". Another truly great kids book. I made Daniel sit down and read it yesterday, since he'd never seen it before. I especially like the book's dedication, which is to the "children and not-so-children who live and play in the shadow of the Space Needle." We live about 3 blocks from the Space Needle, so it made me smile.

Anyway, back to the gift. I got my crib mobile today! It's a honeybee mobile- and I love it. The baby's room is going to be pretty simple, with some pictures of Classic Pooh and with honeybee accents. The mobile is going to be a great addition. A dear friend in Arizona sent it to me. It was so sweet of her! And, not only did I get a gift, but I got to start a NEW SPREADSHEET! to track gifts/thank you notes. I really like spreadsheets, so having an excuse to start a new one was almost as good as getting the actual present :)

Another gorgeous day in Seattle. So hard to be inside. I have to stop myself from even looking out my office window.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back at work

The weekend lived up to its promise. Saturday we hit the Folklife Festival and enjoyed some yummy Tibetan food. Sunday was church stuff- services in the morning, then a BBQ at our possible new church building in the evening. I ended up helping with the potluck- I never know what to do at these events, as far as figuring out when to help and when to give up and go sit down. I'm fine with the pre-potluck organizing and work, but then once people have brought most of the food and are moving through the line, I'm still scared to leave the table and go sit down. I usually end up lurking near the food for the entire time, to make sure things are moving smoothly. I'm sure people could probably manage to figure things out on their own, but once I've put the effort into setting things up, it's hard to let go.

Yesterday was by far our most productive day. I spent the early afternoon cleaning the carpets while Daniel installed a ceiling fan in the guest room/office/baby's room. We also got an organizer hung on the wall and the pictures for the baby's room up. And, we got the massive desk/bookshelf unit moved out of the room and into our living room. So now the space almost looks like a baby room- we just need to buy a crib and do some more organizing.

So, I'm hurting and tired today from all the activity yesterday, but it feels good to have things checked off the to-do list. Especially since we have every weekend from now until the middle of July booked up, and no spare time to do things around the condo.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Here's a photo of me at 29 weeks. My saintly husband reassured me that I look "wide" because of the angle that he took the photo. I appreciate him taking the blame for it :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A three-day weekend!

Sorry for not posting the last few days this week. I felt like I needed to take a break for a few days and reflect on the old adage "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything." I'm feeling better today.

So, it's 7:45 on Saturday morning, the beginning of our free 3-day weekend. Possibly our last one ever as just the two of us. And the first one we've had in eons. Today we're probably going to wander over to the Seattle Folklife Festival and tonight we have dinner reservations down near Pike Place Market. That will be fun. Other than that, I'm hoping to spend the day resting and relaxing. I've been up since 6, because sleeping just is more effort than it's worth these days. Thankfully Daniel was able to go back to sleep after I gave up on the thrashing about and rearranging of pillows/sheet/etc. He's totally worn out, and I'm hoping that he'll be able to get some more sleep this morning. Lucky is awake and apparently training for the Olympic swimming team. Not sure what else could be the explanation for the random wiggling going on in my abdomen.

That's it from here. Hope you all have a nice weekend and get to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Survived the rhogam shot

It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. There are benefits to getting a shot in the upper bum- primarily that you cannot see the size of the needle that you're being poked with. Glad to have that done though. It's still hard to believe that it's already come and gone though- I remember at an early appointment when we mentioned that I would need the shot at 28 weeks, it still seemed so very far away.

Feeling a little down again today, but nothing terrible. I managed to convince myself that coming to work was a good thing. That's an accomplishment. I think I'm just feeling the effects of all of the unknowns and worries. Daniel isn't concerned about the baby's small size or my medication changes. Blissfully ignorant. Meanwhile, I read articles about babies being small for gestational age, and quietly worry. There's also the added worry of the effect on my body of changing my medications. I've been fighting this high blood pressure battle for 9 years now, and I know how quickly and unexpectedly my body can (and has) decide to randomly not cooperate.

I hate that I dwell and worry so much. I suspect it's partially a symptom of the fact that I have allowed myself to get so very distracted by things, and that I haven't been spending the time in prayer and reading the Bible that I should. I lose track of Who is in control of all of this. I need to slow down and remember.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Update from today's appointments

The good news is, the baby is still a boy. :) Glad to know that, since I've been buying boy clothes for the last 7 weeks.

Bad news is, he's still really small. He's in the 30th percentile for his gestational age, which, again, they aren't totally worried about since Daniel and I are both small, but it's not great news. So, the hypertension doctors are going to adjust my blood pressure medication downwards, in the hopes that it will still control my hypertension but allow more blood flow to the baby and help him grow a little better. What it really means is a bunch more doctor's appointments and another ultrasound. Our 5th. It's going to be a very well photographed baby by the time he arrives.

Today's ultrasound was fun- the baby didn't really like being poked in the head and kicked me several times to voice his protest. We did get a cute view of his little face and were able to see him sleeping and opening and closing his little mouth. Seeing that helped my mood a lot. Somehow he has chubby cheeks, despite weighing only 2 pounds. More evidence that he's my kid, I suppose. According to the sonographer, he has plenty of room right now, which is why I'm not feeling him move too much. Why my uterus had to expand quite so much and leave so little room for my internal organs, if the baby isn't even using that space, I do not know.

Tomorrow morning- the Rh shot. In the bum. Really looking forward to that.

Climate differences

My husband and I definitely have majorly different internal thermostats these days. I woke up early this morning to see this sight: me- sleeping with as few pjs as possible, barely using a sheet, still feeling like it was about 90 degrees in our room. Him (or I assume the lump was him)- sleeping with a sweatshirt over his pajamas, buried deeply under a sheet, a comforter and a wool blanket, surrounded by pillows to prevent any heat escaping :)

The cats are very excited this morning because we're working from home, so we have the baby's room/office open, and they got to come in here, which they don't usually get to do. Jenny is happily sitting in the closet, and Gracie is trying to find the highest object in the room to climb.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday- post #2

So, to start out the post, I should say that they found me work for today. Unfortunately, it has involved me sitting around all afternoon reading articles about birth defects and stillbirths. I didn't need this today. I know it's my job, and I need to just try to detach myself, which sometimes I can do quite well, but today I am failing miserably at that.

I think I'm reacting so strongly because the further into this pregnancy, the more scared and overwhelmed I feel. I'm not excited about Lucky being born. I love him and want him to be here, but that's mostly because I hate being pregnant. But the thought of delivering him scares me, the thought of being stuck at home with a newborn nauseates me, and I have yet to get really excited about anything in this pregnancy. Someone made the comment to a friend of mine that I didn't know what I was getting myself into regarding the poopy diapers and vomit and such. And I'm sure I don't, but I don't feel like I'm particularly naive. I've spent a lot of time around babies and kids, and I know what they're capable of. Which is why I'm so horrified at the thought of spending the rest of my life like this. I'm not really worried by being caught off guard by things, because, really, I'm completely expecting the worst from the rest of the pregnancy/childbirth/breastfeeding/sleep deprivation.

And, I'm getting to the point where I have to no longer deal with things by not thinking about them. I have to get ready. And I DON'T WANT TO. I don't want to think about the delivery and make a birth plan. I about hit my husband on Saturday when he came back from his Daddy Bootcamp and was discussing the benefits/drawbacks of episiotomies. I told him that he was allowed to give his opinion, but since it was my private areas that will be cut/torn, he is not allowed to make the final decision. Then I proceeded to try to block the whole thing out of my mind. Which I cant do! I have to make a decision (which may or may not even work out in the end). I don't want to go to baby care classes because I'm already dreading the whole baby thing so much that I don't want any more information to freak myself out further.

I sound like a terrible person in this blog, I know. But I'm just so overwhelmed by all these thoughts. And my husband never worries. About anything. Ever. I'm glad he's so calm, it's a good balance, but being the only one freaking out gets old.

What if my dislike of kids doesn't go away with Lucky's birth? Everyone keeps telling me it will be different because he's mine, but what if they're wrong? Why can't I get excited about any of this? What if it is as awful as it all sounds?

We have another ultrasound tomorrow and an appointment with my hypertension folks. Hopefully Lucky's grown since the last ultrasound (he was small for his gestational age 7 weeks ago at the last scan). Hopefully my heart and BP are still okay. I don't think I can handle any more stresses right now.

This bothers my type A personality

Daniel and I were talking last night about our plans for Memorial Day weekend (sleep, sleep, watch TV, move furniture around, clean carpets, sleep) and it hit me that in many ways, planning for the baby is even more stressful than planning our wedding, for one primary reason. That reason being- I have no idea when my planning time is going to be up. Theoretically, we have 11 weeks and 5 days before this kid shows up. So we have very very little done. But people have babies early all the time, and they also have babies late all the time. So I have no idea how much time I really have. Just one more piece of evidence to show how truly out of control I am over this situation. If this kid has a personality like mine, he'll show up a day or two early. Don't want to be late for anything, but you don't want to show up so early that you disturb the hostess of the event in question. If he's like his father- I'll be gestating for about another 5 years. I'll give birth to a kindergartner.

We had a good, but busy weekend. Lots of shopping, lunches with friends, church stuff. I'm tired and Daniel is tireder, since he had such a long week last week. We're seriously counting the hours until our 3 day weekend. Not to mention the fact that the weather is grey and rainy here, which makes waking up on Monday morning very difficult.

My parents moved to Roanoke, Virginia this weekend. Dad called to say that they were there on Saturday, so hopefully they had a good Sunday and got much unpacked.

This will come as a shock to all of you- I have almost no work to do again today. Just some stuff to read about chemicals in plastics. Pretty interesting, at least, but it's only going to keep me occupied for so long.

Friday, May 18, 2007

My sweetie is home

He actually came back from Kansas WITHOUT a gift for me though. What's up with that? He claims that the gift shop in the airport had nothing interesting, besides the little teddy bear that he bought me last time. He did save some of the snack pack that he got on the plane though, and handed that over to me when he got back, so I let him in the condo.

Another gorgeous day here in Seattle. I have no plans to go outside though. Need to stay in and work hard today to make up hours from earlier this week when I had nothing to do and kept leaving the office to go shopping.

I'm 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow. That means I could have a baby hanging around in 12 weeks. That's a really terrifying thought. We should probably start getting ready for this kid. Need to buy him a crib and pick a name. I think we're leaning towards the idea of writing a bunch of names on pieces of paper and randomly picking one. We tried reading names to the cats last night to see if they expressed interest in any of them, but got no reactions. Our cats are useless.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Strange dreams

Last night was my last night alone this week, thank goodness. The cats made the most of the time by spending the night stealing my pillow, biting my toes, and randomly crying loudly from the living room. Daniel asked why I didn't shut the door on them, but I wasn't awake enough to do that. At the time, it seemed easier to just remove them from the pillow, spray them with water and tell Gracie to stop crying (which she did).
When I wasn't acting as a cat toy, I was having odd dreams. I remember that. But I only remember the details of one of them- it involved my BabiesRUs baby registry. Odd. I tend to get a little obsessed with registries. Not even just my own. I check my friends' registries and get very excited when things are purchased. With my own, I am not obsessed until the first item is bought. Then I get really bad, because I figure if one person bought me something, someone else might as well. Two things were purchased off my registry a few weeks ago. I still don't know by whom, as I haven't received them. But it was enough to push me into obsessive registry-checking mode. Oh well, it's not like I have had better things to do lately.
So, I actually have a few things to do today-hurray! Hopefully it'll make the time until 5:30 PM pass quickly (that's when Daniel should be getting to my office and we should be heading home on the bus). The rice krispy treats turned out pretty well last night, so hopefully he'll enjoy those when he gets home.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The sleepiness!

My computer is in the midst of one of its fits of misbehaving, where it randomly decides to save the document I'm working on, and freezes it for approximately 5 minutes. If I try to touch the document during this time, the computer will get upset and eat it. So I decided to find something else to do.

I had my gestational diabetes test about 2.7 hours ago. I was feeling pretty good until about 30 minutes ago. Now I feel totally drained and sleepy. I'm eating an apple, in the hopes that that will return my blood sugar to a slightly higher level and allow me to remain conscious for the rest of the day.

One more day of being on my own- Daniel will be home tomorrow, late afternoon sometime. I've stayed really busy while he was gone, so the time is going pretty fast. Tonight I need to make rice krispy treats and vacuum. Not normally my chore, but I hate to have him come home to the condo looking like it does now- with the carpet barely visible under the random clumps of fur that are everywhere. Besides, our younger cat feels the need to attack every piece of fur that she sees, so vacuuming might give her a break from all her running around.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


It's so nice here! Supposed to get up to almost 80 degrees today. I have a walk around Green Lake planned for tonight, and am looking forward to getting outside and being warm for a while. You cant beat nice days in the summer- especially since the days are so long and there's so much time to enjoy them. It's lovely.

I had a really nice dinner with my girlfriends last night. My non-pregnant friend that was there apparently knows more about pregnancy than my pregnant friend and I do. She scared us with some of the things she knew that we didn't. It really is amazing that the human race hasn't died out. Besides the vast amounts of scary information, she also had incredibly cute baby shower invites (for my shower!). I'm getting really excited about it. It's so humbling to have people be willing to do such a sweet thing for me.

Daniel's trip is apparently going pretty well. They did manage to get lost between the airport and their hotel last night. But they finally got there. And Daniel (who is 5'4" and weighs about 120 pounds with all of his clothes and shoes on) is driving a gigantic Yukon for the week. I'd love to see pictures of him driving down the road in that.

I have nothing to do at work today. My supervisor said to take the time to learn "whatever I've always wanted to learn about!". It's pretty outside today, and it's a Tuesday. It's really hard to come up with the motivation to sit inside at work and do professional development stuff. Really hard.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Stuff that's on my mind today

1. I cant believe I'm 27 weeks pregnant. Crazy.

2. This weekend was actually pretty good. I got along with everyone, had some good conversations with Daniel's family, and we didn't end up having to endure a huge group dinner on Saturday night, just a small dinner with the 5 of us. Which was such a relief.

3. The baby apparently loves Chinese Hot Pot. He danced around for almost the entire meal and then went back to sleep. Hardly kicked me at all yesterday or today. But during Hot Pot- regular little soccer player.

4. Normally emotionally unstable people will make slightly scarily emotional pregnant people. I speak from experience. Daniel's off to Kansas today for the week. I've been crying about that. Because I cry about EVERYTHING.

5. Having people disappointed in me is normally hard. It's worse when I'm hormonal. Little things at work have been really upsetting me, and I freak out if any of my work projects are seen as less than perfect. And having people closer to me be disappointed in me or not agree with a decision that Daniel and I are making is really really hard. Which is really upsetting me. I haven't yet learned how to say "I value your opinion and I appreciate your concern. But, this is a decision that we have been praying about. We've weighed all the options and have spent a lot of time investigating different possibilities. And this decision is the one that we feel is right for us and our family at this point in time. We will continue to pray and seek God's guidance, and we trust that He will let us know if we need to change our decision in the future." But I don't know how to do that yet. I think this is all a bigger issue- I need to spend more time in prayer and with God, and remember that my identity is in Him, and that I need to worry about what He thinks about me and my actions, and not what other people think.

6. Have to go walk Daniel to the bus stop in a few minutes so he can catch a bus to the airport for his flight to Kansas. I'm going to miss having him around in the evenings this week.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mentally preparing

We're going to Canada tomorrow. We haven't been up there since our Chinese wedding reception last year (we were waiting for a green card and couldn't leave the US), so it's time for a visit. I'm kind of dreading it though. Canada trips are always hard. There's nothing wrong with Canada as a country, it's a lovely place. And I really like Vancouver. It's just hard to suddenly be picked up out of my normal world and dropped into "Chinese-land." It's probably good for me, for a few days, I get to experience what my husband lives through every day- being the minority. Except I think it's harder for me, because he's used to both worlds- he's been living in two worlds since he was 8, and understands both languages and both sets of customs. I know nothing about his world still. Partially because he has a hard time explaining things to me, and partially because it's still only been 3 years since we met, and we haven't spent that much time in Canada with his family.

I just worry the whole time I'm there that I'm going to do or say something that offends someone. Not so much Daniel's parents, but an aunt or uncle or someone at church. And then there's the most stressful part of any visit- the big dinner. This will be the scene Saturday night- 15 Chinese people and one 6.5 month pregnant white girl, sitting around a large table in a bustling Chinese restaurant. Piles of raw meat are put in front of everyone, and they all start cooking them in the boiling pot in the middle of the table. White girl focuses on not mixing up her food with the scarier things on other people's plates and stares at other tables, while blocking out the conversation in Cantonese going on at her table. This continues for 15-20 minutes. Suddenly, 15 Chinese people stop talking, turn to her and say "so what do you think about such-and-such (usually political or religious question)." Keep in mind she has NO context for this question, since they haven't been speaking English, and she may or may not be understanding the question properly, since it was asked in heavily-accented English. Terror runs through her. She tries to answer, manages to come up with something not too stupid, and then suddenly develops a coughing fit to try to deflect the attention. Repeat process 30 minutes later.

I love my husband and I think his family is very nice. And I'm thrilled that our baby is going to grow up with such a rich culture to learn about and so many unusual things in his life. But it's still hard- not belonging to this world that Daniel (and the baby as well) do belong to.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have nothing to do today

I'm sure this state of affairs wont last. I just sent out the dreaded work-seeking email to my coworkers. This inevitably produces a flurry of work that needs to be done RIGHT THEN! on projects that I have no knowledge of and am unable to come up to speed on in the time allotted. But, it's been a very quiet week so far, so I shouldn't complain.

My alternative plan for the day is to teach myself origami with some of the random piles of paper that have been sitting on my bookshelf for the past 2.5 years, because the project manager thinks they might be necessary. Some day. Whatever.

Today's the last quiet day in my life for a while. Saturday morning we head to Canada, then come home Sunday. Then Daniel's off to Kansas on Monday for most of the week. At least I'll have a car while he's gone. Usually when he goes out of town for work, he drives, and so I have free time, but no car. Next week I will have both. I see much shopping in the suburbs in my future.

The sun is shining again here today- it's lovely! I want to go outside! Hopefully that will be in my near future. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Why I am anti-birth plan

I know I'm probably going to have to write one. According to most of my Internet friends, it's standard homework for childbirth class. And I know that I really do need to figure out if there are things I feel strongly about, before they come up in the delivery room.

But I don't want to.

For two reasons. 1) I am a bit of an ostrich. I prefer not to think about unpleasant things. I don't like to watch the news, I don't like to read serious books where people go through horrible situations. If I know I am going to watch a movie that has the potential to turn out badly, I try to read the summary online first, so that I am prepared for what I am going to see. That's just me. I may live in a state of denial, but it's a happy, fluffy place.

2) I am inherently lazy, particularly when I am in a situation with another person who actually knows what to do. For example. I choose to not be overly involved in our retirement investments. Not because I lack the mental capacity to understand the ins and outs of the things, but because I have a lovely financial advisor whose job it is to know about the benefits of our stocks/mutual funds, and I also have a husband who actually finds it interesting. Should I need to understand, I could. But I don't need to, so I choose not to understand.

After all, I don't see my friends and family trying to understand details of the effects of chemical exposures- no, they just ask me when they hear a news story or read an article about some supposedly "dangerous" chemical, and I give them my opinion as a toxicologist. I have yet to see any of them pull out a toxicology textbook and follow up on what I said.

So, that's why I don't want to write a birth plan. Not to mention that I feel like there are just too many unknowns to be able to plan well. And I've never been through this before- the doctors and nurses have. I don't know what's right for my baby! I've never been around childbirth before, and it's not like I even know my child better than they do. I know that he likes to kick my bladder, other than that, he's pretty much a blank slate to me.

Hopefully the doctor will let me continue to live in denial for a few more weeks. But she didn't look very happy last week when I said that I hadn't thought about birth plans at all. I'm going to try to stall at least until after childbirth class though. We'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Unable to fasten my shoes

This morning I was sitting on the couch, trying to fasten the strap on my sandals. It's at a funny angle, and has always been a challenge for me. Today it defeated me entirely. Fortunately, Daniel was sitting near me on the couch and was quickly enlisted for his shoe fastening skills. I'm not sure what I'm going to do this afternoon though, as I had planned to go shoe shopping, and may need to take off these sandals to try other shoes on.

It's another gorgeous day in Seattle. Totally beautiful. I love it. Last night we went to SushiLand for dinner. It took some strong hints from me, but Daniel finally caught on that I was dis-interested in our scheduled food menu, and suggested dinner out. It was so nice to walk across the street to the restaurant and enjoy the warm evening. On our way back, I totally freaked out our cat, Gracie. We'd left the window open (since it's already up to almost 80 degrees inside our condo), and she was sitting on the table in front of the window, watching the street. I called her name and she started looking around wildly- then looked down and saw me and started meowing. I think she was very confused as to why her mommy was in a new and different place (she's never seen me outside before). It was pretty funny.

Monday, May 7, 2007

I NEED peanut butter

Yesterday I ate some peanut butter as a snack before dinner. Lucky apparently liked it. It's all I can think about. I really really need peanut butter. I should get off my lazy rear end and go get some.

What I realized this weekend

I realized that, if I deal with a backache so poorly, the chances of me going through labor without drugs are... let's see... about zero. I don't know why I've even considered it, honestly. Who am I kidding. I'm the painkiller queen. My beloved, on the other hand, acts like taking an ibuprofen is going to turn him into a drug addict who wanders the streets late at night, looking for his next fix. I keep trying to explain to him that I want ibuprofen and cant have it, so if he's hurting, he needs to just take the drugs and feel better (disclaimer- I know I can have Tylenol, but it just doesn't work as well). I think he only buys my logic about 10% of the time.

Pretty good weekend this weekend. We ended up at the Seattle Art Museum grand re-opening yesterday, which was fun. Anything free and cultural is always a good time. I was on my feet a little too much this weekend though, so was in pain by last night. Then Daniel had the audacity to have a headache, so I had to get over myself and take care of him for a little while. I hate it when he cuts into my lying on the couch and whining time :)

It's going to be beautiful in Seattle this week! I'm very excited about this. It is also supposed to be nice this weekend, when we're heading up to Canada, so that'll make the drive nice. Hurray!

Friday, May 4, 2007


I should go down to the lobby and check our work mail. But I don't feel like it right now. So I'm procrastinating.

It's Friday! Nothing exciting on our schedule tonight. We were supposed to be going to home fellowship, but they're having a work party to help move some church members, and I'm not so useful for moving boxes right now, and Daniel's been having a lot of back problems, so we've opted out of going. I think we'll probably hit the gym and then watch Grey's Anatomy. Staying up last night until 11 to watch the whole 2-hour episode just wasn't going to happen.

Tomorrow is another early morning- Daniel's got a 7 AM coffee with his friend scheduled, then men's group. I'm meeting my best friend later in the afternoon at one of our favorite shopping areas to browse Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel to get ideas for her new condo. That should be fun. So, it should be a good weekend, if I can make it through 7 more hours of work first!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Shh... don't tell Daniel

I slept well last night. Really well. Only got up once to visit the bathroom. Which is a pregnancy record, I believe. I think the reason that I may have slept so well was because my beloved was gone last night. I love him dearly, but I'm pretty sure that at least half of the times that I get up are inspired by him rolling over and waking me up, at which point I think "what the heck, I'll go to the bathroom now."

My brain is kind of confused by having had so much uninterrupted sleep. I'm feeling a bit loopy this morning, actually. Had a nice evening last night though, including a trip to the new grocery store! It's going to be a wonderful thing to have close by. Wonderful.

That's all from here. Much random work to do today (I really have a strange job sometimes).

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's grocery store day!!!

When I was a child, never once did it cross my mind that when I grew up and became an adult, I would grow into a lunatic with no life. Which I must be, judging from the level of excitement that the new grocery store has inspired in me. This morning, on my way to my doctor's appointment, the bus went past the new store. With lights on and people inside, shopping! I wanted to grab the person next to me and say "look! It's open! The grocery store within 2 blocks of my home!!" I managed to restrain myself though. But tonight at 6:30, guess where I'll be?

My doctor's appointment went well today. I'm somehow now measuring big for my pregnancy- I think she said 26 or 27 cm at 25 weeks, 4 days. So not huge, but I was measuring small just a month ago, so that's a change. Given that the baby has not gone out, but seems to have moved up, I'm spending most of the morning wondering where exactly my internal organs are currently located.

In two weeks I have to go back for the gestational diabetes test. And my rhogam shot. In the same day. I'm a lucky woman. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Daycare number 5...

At least I think it was number 5. I've sort of lost track. We had our final daycare visit this morning. Daniel's blackberry buzzed and rang the whole time we were there, of course, which tends to speed up our visits a bit, but we enjoyed what we saw during our time there. So we'll be getting on yet another waiting list, and hoping for the best. This daycare is the closest to our condo, which would be really nice. And it's near a brand new grocery store which is finally opening tomorrow!! I'm going to have a grocery store and pharmacy and STARBUCKS!!! within two blocks of my home. Hallelujah.

I'm in a much better mood today. Despite still looking like a hippopotamus. With strangely frizzy hair. My hair doesn't usually do frizzy, so this is confusing me a bit.

Daniel's off to a Mariner's game tonight. I'm heading home early to try to dodge traffic/people from an immigration rally/May Day parade that's rather inconveniently (for me) located between my office and my condo. I think that I'll probably go to SushiLand for dinner. Even though I can only eat a few things off the menu, I still love the place.