Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Before I start rambling on in my usual disjointed way, I wanted to mention a blog I've been reading that I'm really enjoying. http://www.concierge.com/cntraveler/blogs/80days/ It's about a man who is traveling around the world in 80 days, and all the things he's seeing and doing along the way. It's been very entertaining and great fun to read. He's only about halfway through (just arriving in Russia), so you have plenty of time to catch up!

Just a normal Tuesday here. I'm listening to a CD instead of streaming the local Christian radio station over my computer. I need to focus on work, and not think about all the sadness in Virginia today. And that, understandably, what they're talking about. Which is right and good, but I have to compartmentalize for a while. So, the radio station gets shut off today.

I'm wearing a giant maternity shirt this morning. I seem to alternate between too small regular shirts and too large maternity shirts. At least today I look pregnant. About 50 weeks pregnant :)

I didnt sleep much last night, but am still feeling pretty good this morning. Daniel and I have a lunch date planned, nothing exciting, just walking to the library and then going to the little cafe downstairs from his office. But it's still nice to have a plan to see him at lunchtime, and something slightly different from my usual routine to look forward to. One of the books that we're returning at the library is the "30,000 baby names!" book. Colossally unhelpful. Unless you're really looking for that perfect ancient Mesopotamian name for your baby. I see why there are so many kids with the same name. It's too hard to branch out much. We have a short list, which is good. And 3+ months to change our minds still.

Speaking of names, I had an interesting surprise the other day. Daniel and I had asked his parents to help us choose a middle name, because we wanted a Chinese name for the baby, and we don't know enough to pick one. So we asked them for a few suggestions, from which we would choose. Then, lo and behold, Daniel got an email from his 80 year old uncle in Hong Kong, with a list of suggested names. I freaked a little- it's really strange to think of someone that I've said hello to once picking my baby's name. It makes sense- the uncle understands the generation names and what's appropriate, and will keep my baby from being named something that means "he who laughs like a horse" or whatever. But still. It's a little strange for my American female mind to comprehend sometimes.

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