Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stuff for baby's room

Daniel and I spent part of the evening yesterday organizing and putting things away in Lucky's room. It's too early to really be decorating the room yet, but I was tired of tripping over all the baby stuff that we've inherited, so something had to be done. We took the closet doors off and hung curtains up instead. This allows us to use the closet for the changing table, and saves space in the room itself. We got a few things put away in the closet, which makes me happy.

The room is going to be pretty simple, since it's still the guest room/office. I got a yellow crib set at the consignment sale a few weeks ago, and bought a bumblebee valance for our window. So the room will be yellow with bumblebee and Classic Pooh accents.

This is the valance that I bought.

The other thing I'm really excited about is the expensive but so cute! baby blanket that I got online. I love the Asian lucky cat dolls, and have a small collection of unusual lucky cats that I've gotten on different trips. So when I saw this, I knew I had to have it for the baby.

So, things are coming along. Four months to go- so we probably wont do too much more for a while. I think Daniel's found a stroller that he likes on Craigslist, so we may get that soon. We'll hold off on the crib for a bit, we're not getting anything special, so we don't have to order it ahead of time or anything.
Okay, enough of the fun stuff for me. My boss sent round #3 of the "thanks for your hard work but it's still awful" edits on the evil report. So it's back to that for me. Hope everyone has a nice and sunny Wednesday!

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