Saturday, April 7, 2007


Daniel's off at men's group, I'm working, and the cats are sleeping at various locations in the study/baby's room. Jenny is, of course, in her new favorite spot, the infant car seat. Gracie is watching with a look of jealousy, but she knows she'll get her ears boxed if she tries to sit in the car seat as well.

I had something interesting happen yesterday. We stopped at the store on our way to home fellowship to pick up a dessert for the potluck. While we were there, I saw that the little 100 calorie Hostess packs were on sale, so I grabbed a few boxes. The checkout guy screwed up the scanning, and instead of 3 boxes, only charged us for one. As we walked out, I noticed this, and went back to pay for them. The lady whose line I went to looked at me like I'd grown a second head. She kept saying "are you sure you want to pay for them?" I did, that's why I went back! Now, it's not like I'm sitting around matching up my grocery items to my receipt to make sure they're paid for, but when you buy four things and there are only charges for 2, it's pretty obvious. Maybe I am overly honest about things like this. I think I'm hypersensitive these days, since I know that soon I'll have a little person following me around and watching my actions. And I know that I'm going to teach him all SORTS of bad habits, so maybe obsessive honesty in the grocery store will balance it out.

Lucky has gotten very active in the last day or two. I think he's started a soccer league in there, to be perfectly honest. Last night Daniel was actually able to feel the kicking. I was lying on my back and I suspect Lucky was kicking hard to try to make me stop doing that. But it was fun that Daniel got to feel the baby for the first time.

Okay, I need to get back to my deposition summarizing. Trying to get it done so that I can have a decent rest of the weekend and not have to worry about work. Hopefully I'll succeed!

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