Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our Wednesday evening

We're apparently on a roll with the whole get-the-condo-organized thing. Last night my beloved (the one with a iffy back) decided to move our gigantic bed to make space for my great-grandmother's loveseat in our bedroom. Right now it's in the guest room, but, due to the presence of a Murphy bed in the guest room, the loveseat is living in the only spot where the baby's crib can go. So the loveseat has to move. And we have nowhere to put it. Theoretically it should have fit in our room, but, after moving the bed and dragging the loveseat in the bedroom (I helped with that part), we discovered that it does not fit. So, we're going to have to sell it. It's not a family heirloom or anything, just a pretty settee-sized loveseat/chair that my great-grandmother purchased when she went to the retirement home. And I've always liked it. Daniel and I went and got it from my grandmother a couple of years ago and brought it to his house. Where it fit. And then we moved it to the condo, where it still sort of fit. But now, it's time to say goodbye.

Having to sell this chair will, however, give me more leverage in the "why do you need to own 16 coats/jackets when you only wear one and they're taking up valuable space in the condo" argument. An on-going topic of discussion. We're making progress though- things are slowly finding their spaces in the condo. We just need to remember to leave some space for the baby :)

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