Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I found out this morning that a girl from my high school homeroom passed away this week from leukemia. I didn't know her well- just sat a few seats back from her, but I remember her as a very kind and sweet person. It's strange when people my age die, especially in this way. Our high school class was very large (around 500 people), so it's not unexpected that we've lost a few people. But it's mostly been through accidents and things of that nature.

It's gotten me thinking this morning, that's for sure. On the bus to work, Daniel and I were stuck standing up (another hazard of having a pregnancy that's still hard to see- no automatic seating yet), and I kept edging closer to him. I just wanted to be near him, to know he was there. I know that my classmate is in a better place now- she was a believer and is now Home, rejoicing in her freedom from pain and sickness. I know that. But a small part of me is still sad for what she missed- the chance to enjoy life with her husband (she married only a few months ago), the opportunity to bring a baby into the world with him, the years of growing old together. And I'm sad for her family as well, losing a child so early. My heart breaks for all of them.

I need to stop being contemplative and start focusing on work. I have a client call bright and early tomorrow morning and have much to do before then.

May you all have a blessed Tuesday.

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