Monday, April 30, 2007

Home again

It's Monday morning, I'm back at my own desk, typing on my own computer, being very very grateful that my email box is staying empty and people seem to have forgotten about my existence. Because I am in a mood. A bad one. Because somehow in the last week, I turned into a creature about the size of a hippopotamus. No, I still don't look pregnant, really. I still haven't "popped" and have no cute little tummy. I just have a little baby bump and then above my "waist" I have a roll of fat made out of the fat that used to reside down lower and up higher, which has been compressed into its current location by the upward migration of my stomach and the downward movement of my breasts. I am not amused. I've cried the last 3 mornings when I tried to find clothes that fit. Even the ones that seem to fit don't really fit correctly, due to the odd bulges that I've developed.

My solution for this? Eat a 100 Grand candy bar that was waiting for me at work this morning. How's that for logic.

We had a good time in Boston last week and a fairly good trip home on Saturday. We did end up stranded at the airport for an hour and a half, while trying to get a hold of the parking lot people. That went over about as well with me as you can imagine. But we finally got our car and got home to our fuzzy kitty cats. Who were "cat-happy" to see us. Which means I got scolded a lot, glared at, and shed on. I missed my furbabies, so I was happy to put up with the punishment from them.

The most exciting part of the weekend was picking up my diaper bag, which had been delivered to work. I love it so much! It's a Bumble bag- very practical with lots of different ways to use it, and not overly girly, so Daniel can carry it if he needs to (he does have his own bag too though). And, in other exciting news- some wonderful friends of mine have offered to host a baby shower for me! They're so sweet! I'm very excited about having a shower. VERY.

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mary said...

i'm loving that bag! where did you get it?