Sunday, April 15, 2007

Feeling grown-up

Yesterday I actually got to go out by myself in the new car. I had (yet another) baby shower to attend, so had to drive a little way outside of Seattle to the nice town of Issaquah. It's one of my favorite drives in nice weather (which we had on and off yesterday). Issaquah is only about 10 miles outside of Seattle, but when you're driving up the interstate, you feel like you're a million miles from anywhere, because all you see is forests and mountains and beautiful blue skies. So pretty.

Not only was I in the new car for the first time yesterday, I totally relied on the navigation system for the first time. I didn't print a map, didn't look up directions to my friend's house, just put the address in the system and went. And I got there. It was a really strange feeling, being totally dependent on a computerized system like that. But the oddest feeling was when I pulled up at the house, and got ready to get out of my car. My sensible non-minivan, but still not a car-car. The one that can fit 4 people, and if needed, 6. The one with space for a stroller and a car seat. Realizing that the car is mine, and that it will soon have a car seat installed in the backseat was really weird. Made me feel very grown-up.

The shower was nice. I tried to avoid looking too closely at any of the adorable girl clothes. She got some really cute ones. But other than that ;) I had a good time. It's always fun to see friends having their special days. I think baby showers are growing on me. This couple tried for a lot of years to have this baby, and it's been a rough pregnancy for her so far, so it is wonderful to see her reaching the end and getting so excited about the baby's arrival. Such a blessing to everyone.

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